The Under 25 Summit Bengaluru Is Going To Have A Delicious Food Train That You Must Visit This Weekend


India’s largest youth festival is heading south this year, with a four-day celebration of all things food, design, music and so much more. And this year, there will be a one of a kind food festival that you cannot miss out on!

The Under 25 Club is an initiative that gives entrepreneurs and creators under the age of 25 a platform to engage with others of the same age group as well as to showcase what they have done with their companies, innovations and endeavours. This year, the Under 25 Summit is happening in Bengaluru, kicking off on January 5th and leading all the way till the grand finale on January 8th at Jayamahal Palace Hotel.

On January 7th, the Pebble Jungle Lounge will host the latest initiative of the Under 25 Club – the Gravy Train. The first of its kind food festival will be held on the “Food Day” of the Summit, with various food-related activities, a chance to eat delicious food, and experience something out of the ordinary.

The Gravy Train, co-curated by Tramaniaa, will give attendees of the Summit the proper experience of a train journey, where you can purchase a ticket for Rs. 200 and then wander along the train trying new food at each stall. The stalls are to be designed like train bogies, so you get the full experience of being on a ‘train’ while eating food. And if that’s not enough, there will also be tea, coffee, vada and other vendors walking around the station, giving you the feeling of truly being on a train.


It’s going to be a day filled with food and a chance to try cuisines from around the world curated by world class chefs, young bakers and experts the F&B industry.

On the list of stalls bringing their signature dishes, you will find The Sprinkle Factory, Fresh Menu, 366 Brewery, Waffle A Go Go, BBQ Bike, Katti Rolls, Sabi Haque, Square Ruth food truck and so many more! Also on the menu are talks from experts in the food industry like Rashmi Daga (Founder & CEO of Fresh Menu), Vinesh Johny (Co- founder of Lavonne), Aman Seth (Owner of Forking Rolls), Vivek Joseph (Founder & MD of Khan Saheb Grills & Rolls) and Anahita Dhondy (Chef Manager at SodaBottleOpenerWala) and there will also be a panel, powered by Fresh Menu, showcasing emerging bakers.