25 Spots In Chennai For The Best, Meatiest, And Most Juicy-licious Burgers

For everyone craving something juicy, cheesy, and satisfying. We’re here to help you. Think burgers – that soft and buttery bun, that delectable dressing, those caramelized onions, that juicy patty that crisp lettuce, and more if you’d like to add on! No matter what day, time or season it is, let’s face it, burgers never go out of fashion. And aren’t they incredibly satisfying? We’re always craving burgers and we love that warm and cheesy feeling they fill us with. And if you love burgers just as much as we do, head out and try these amazing burgers in the city (maybe one for each day)! 


1. Barely Legal – Double Roti

double roti

Because something this juicy, cheesy, and meaty just shouldn’t exist for we won’t be able to resist falling for this one every single day.

2. Chicken Double Decker – Pantry D’or

pantry dor

Double the patty, double the fun! 

3. Sandy’s Cheese Burger 2.0 – Sandy’s Chocolate Laboratory


If you want something that’ll fill you up, head over to Sandy’s for this glorious Cheese Burger with a topping of bacon.

4. Legendary Chicken Burger – Hard Rock Cafe


The legendary one. Yes, everyone’s heard of it, but have you tried it? 

5. Bulchi – Big Bang Theory Bar & Kitchen


Pulled chicken with exotic flavour, this one’s a winner.

6. Classic Beef Burger – Ciclo Cafe


One comforting burger, coming right up! 

7. Original Buttery Chicken Burger – Tovo Infusions


Tovo Infusions lets you throw in some of your favourite flavours and seasoning together for a masterpiece. 

8. Ham Cheese Burger – Lloyd’s Tea House


Simple and satisfying, for a great meal on the go.

9. The New Yorker Cheese Burger – New Yorker

new yorker

Yes, it’s veggie friendly but oh, it is so good! You’ll know it when you try it! 

10. Juicy Lucy – Plan B

plan b

Dive into this burger that’s bursting with flavour, at Plan B!

11. Greek Lamb Burger – Crisp Cafe

crisp cafe

Nothing like a warm lamb burger on a rainy day. At Crisp Cafe, it’s the perfect place to enjoy both! 

12. Pesto Chicken – Hola


Say “hola!” to a delicious chicken burger! 

13. Nandoca’s Choice – Nando’s


A juicy chicken burger with a big dollop of coleslaw. Yum! 

14. BHB Beef Burger – Brick House Bistro

brick house

The BHB – a whopping burger of layers with a juicy meat patty, fried egg, sausages and more! 

15. Big Boy Burger – US 101


You need to be a big boy with a big appetite for this one!

16. Chicken Burger – Hoppipola


Savour-worthy. ‘Nuff said.

17. Tough Guy Burger – Dunkin’ Donuts

dunkin donuts

Are you tough enough for this one? 

18. Chicken Burger – Tryst


Two juicy slabs of fried chicken make this burger a complete filler and the generous portion of fries just make it all the more perfect! 

19. Social Cheese Burger – Social


You haven’t experienced burger heaven until you’ve tried this one. 

20. Chilly Billy – Terrace Cafe & Grill

terrace cafe and grill

For the perfect weather and the perfect burger. 

21. Surf & Turf Burger – TGIF


Thank God It’s Friday! Let’s have a crab cake burger, shall we?

22. Chicken Islander – Cheesy Juicy Burgers

cheesy juicy burgers

Look at those layers. Don’t hold back from devouring this one. 

23. Monster Man Burger – Cuckoo Club Diner

cuckoo club

The biggest burger in Chennai, it’s as big as your birthday cake. Yes, we said that. 

24. DT Gourmet Chicken – Downtown Cafe

downtown cafe

We’ll go downtown for this one! 

25. Veggie Burger – Craveyard Cafe

cravveyard cafe

We had to sneak this veggie one in. It’s quite a delight and perfect if you’re going on a day’s break (that’s all we permit) from meat. 



Image courtesy: Archives and Zomato