25 Popular Pakistani Cooking Recipes

Did you ever taste Pakistani cuisine? If not, then you have to try out these delicious Pakistani recipes to experience one of the tastiest cuisines. Pakistani cuisine is known for its richness, flavour, and varies greatly from region to region due to the country’s ethnic and cultural diversity. Here, We have curated some of the best tasting pakistani dishes!


1.Spicy Pakistani Zucchini Recipe


Lap up delicious Pakistani zucchini that scores high on taste.

2.Pakistani Fish Curry Recipe


Dip some hot buttery naan in a platter full of spicy fish curry a la Pakistan.

3.Barrah Kebab Recipe


Barrah kebab is a frequent visitor at the kebab and mouton lovers’ table. The kebab originates from Iran and is basically made by grilling juicy marinated lamb shanks to charred perfection.

4.Dum Murgh Keema Baingan Recipe


The Dum Murgh Keema Baingan has the best of both worlds – vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The dish consists of finely chopped eggplant and minced chicken (or any other meat) cooked to perfection in traditional spices.

5.Vilayati Kebab Recipe


Stuffed lamb fillet strips char grilled to crisp perfection.

6.Kabuli Pulao Recipe


Kubali pulao is the daddy of all biryanis with its detailed processes and wide variety of ingredients. The pulao (or pilaf) calls for almost 3 hours of slow cooking. An original from Afghanistan (Afghani Lamb Pilaf), the rice preparation is now widely famous in other parts of Central Asia like Pakistan.

7.Punjabi Chicken In Thick Gravy


A mildly spiced chicken with a thick rich gravy.

8.Kokub’s Mango Chutney Recipe


A tangy mango chutney with mild spices.

9.Beef Nihari Recipe


A slow cook meaty recipe with a delicious taste. Many people love to eat Beef Nihari in the breakfast. Cook it over night on slow heat and serve at morning with hot naan.

10.Chicken Changezi Recipe (Hindi)


The chicken changezi finds its roots in Mughlai cuisine and resonates a similar style of slow cooking complete with rich ingredients like cream, cashew nuts, ghee, and the likes.

11.Peshawari Chapli Kebab Recipe


Peshawari Chapli Kebabs are very unlike your regular kebabs. They aren’t grilled or skewered but are instead pan-fried chunks of minced meat and spices. The preparation is a much loved and famed dish all over Pakistan specially in Peshawar, Balakot, Swat and other Khyber Pakhtunkhwa cities.

12.Mutton Pasanday Recipe


A traditional recipe, the mutton is cooked in a spicy gravy made with yoghurt, cream, tomatoes and various spices, it is derived from a meal served in the court of the Mughal emperors.

13.Murgh E Shalimar Recipe


The Murgh E Shalimar too is one such example of gorgeous gastronomy. The chicken dish is a rich curry made of coconut milk, yogurt, cream, rushed nuts, herbs and chilies. Heavy as it might sound, the dish uses little oil and anyway taste is worth having a cardiac arrest!

14.Baingan ka Bharta Recipe


A famous South Asian dish, Baingan Bharta was originated in Punjab. Mashed eggplant cooked with onions, tomatoes, Baingan Bharta bears a resemblance to Baba Ghanoush.

15.Mutton Khichda Recipe


Khichda or khichra, is a popular slow-cooked wheat and rice-based dish that is similar to – but not the same as haleem. Widely consumed in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, the mutton khichda, as the name suggests, is meat-laden version of the regular khichda, which is made with cracked wheat, rice, lentils, and spices.

16.Panjiri Recipe


Panjiri is a wholesome Indian sweet made of whole-wheat and fortified with every possible dry fruit, oodles of desi ghee, sugar and roasted coconut. Panjiri originates from the food-loving state, Punjab and is also famous in its Pakistani half, where it is known as Hyderabadi panjiri.

17.Mutton Seekh Kebab Recipe


Skewer grilled minced meat.

18.Chicken Sajji Recipe 


Sajji is one of the most popular dishes of Baluchistan, Pakistan. The Baluchi’s love their meat, they celebrate the experience of cooking on a large coal spit roast and the family gathers together to rejoice in this simple culinary tradition.

19.Sweet Rice (Zarda) Recipe


Zarda is a sweet dish made of rice boiled with orange zest, milk, sugar, saffron and dry nuts and fruits. This sweet rice is mostly famous in Pakistan, Bangladesh and India.

20.Lahori Raseelay Recipe


Char-grilled minced chicken kebab with spices.

21.Pakistani Stuffed Egg Recipe


Batter fried devilled eggs.

22.Pakistani Kala Chola Recipe


A spicy beans preparations.

23.Shami Kabab Recipe


shami kabab is in the form of mutton patties which are shallow fried in oil and they are usually eaten with rice .

24.Karahi Gosht Recipe 


Karahi Gosht is very popular recipe in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.Kadhai Gosht Recipe is a delicious and easy to make dish.

25.Egg Bhurji Masala


Easy Egg Bhurji Recipe with cheese is nothing but scrambled eggs with cheese. A very popular fast food in Mumbai.This dish is one of the most sought and favorite in our house during weekends with toasted bread and tea.