22 Spots In Chennai That Will Have You Going Cupcakes

Hello there, fellow cupcake lover. You’re here because you love cupcakes, just like us. We know it. We also know that at this very moment you’re craving cupcakes, and you’re probably having a tough time choosing what to go for. Yes, cupcakes come in hundreds of flavours, and with hundreds of different types of frostings, and all that flavour is enough to drive you crazy for cupcakes. While we’re sitting here thinking of all the cupcakes we can have, we still can’t decide if it should be a red velvet or a chocolate or a vanilla or anything. But what we do know is that there’s nothing wrong in having it all, well, maybe over a few days. Honestly, that’s what we think we’re going to do. Go on a cupcake crawl across the city. Care to join us for some delectable cupcakes in Chennai


1. Chocolate Cupcake – Lloyd’s Tea House

We always start with chocolate. Because chocolate is everything. And Lloyd’s Tea House has some of the most tastiest chocolate cupcakes in the city – about time you knew.

2. Red Velvet Cupcake – The Brew Room

This is the ideal spot for a little break and a little gourmet. Whatever you have here, make sure you’re ending your meal with a red velvet cupcake.

3. Chocolate Cupcake – Pantry D’or

DSC_0285 milk chocolate cupcakes3
Just one bite into this cupcake, and you’ll realize why everyone’s been flocking over to this place lately.

4. Cookies and Cream Cupcake – That Madras Place

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear ‘cookies and cream’? Oreo’s, of course! The goodness of Oreo’s in every cupcake, that’s the best!

5. Vanilla Cupcake & Blueberry Filling – Fresh Baked Goodness

We love the dreamy textures of this cupcake, with the yummy filling and cloud like frosting. This one’s a must try!

6. Nutella Cupcake – Adoniya

Nutella!!! ‘Nuff said.

7. Toffee Cupcake – Madhatter’s Tea Garden

Any toffee lovers in the house? There you are! This place has some awesome toffee cupcakes that you just need to try! You’ll love it!

8. Chocolate Cupcake – Cake Walk

Hey there, again. We’re back to chocolate. Why? ‘Cause we love it. Now try this!

9. Zesty Lemon – Cupcake Company

For all those zesty fans out there, this sweet lemon cupcake is just what you need for the perfect summer.

10. Vanilla Cupcake – Nicky’s Café & Fine Pastries

Now, we get that a vanilla cupcake sounds too ordinary. But the kinds of frostings they’re paired with at Nicky’s Café just makes you want to have it all!

11. Fairy Cupcake – Cuckoo Club Diner

Tiny cupcakes. No, mini cupcakes. No, fairy cupcakes! Because they’re little, adorable, and sparkly, just what you need for a themed party!

12. Sugar Cupcake – Ambrosia

Because who doesn’t love a little bit of sugar?

13. Double Chocolate Cupcake – Cupcakes Amore

Triple Chocolate Cupcakes
Okay, we’re back to chocolate. But this time a DOUBLE shot of it. Don’t miss out on this one from Cupcakes Amore.

14. Sweet Cream Cookie – Rock Stone Ice Cream Factory

This is a real treat because it’s a little bit of ice cream in every bite!

15. Mango Cupcake – The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

For an exotic cupcake, try this. A mango lover would never say no to this one.

16. Butterscotch Cupcake – The Cupcakery

Butterscotch is amazing. And this cupcake is perfect for a butterscotch fan, especially if you pair it with some butterscotch ice cream for double the fun!

17. Red Velvet Cupcake – Amethyst Café

Red velvet is glorious and we think you should try them all. Head to Amethyst Café and enjoy a blissful ambiance with your cupcake.

18. Chocolate Tasting Journey – Haagen Dazs

Now this one comes with a lot more than just a cupcake, but the cupcake is the real highlight. Enjoy a little chocolaty delight on a platter with small bites and end with the glorious creamy cupcake!

19. Carrot Cupcake – Kettle

Whatever happened to carrot cupcakes? Well you can find them here at Kettle, every time you feel like a little sweet and carrotty craving.

20. Chocolate Cupcake – Little Italy

Remember how we said we loved chocolate? Yeah, so we’re telling you about another chocolate cupcake again. But only because it’s so good.

21. Raspberry Cupcake – Wrapsody

Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes with Raspberry Buttercream
Ever tried a raspberry flavoured cupcake? No? Okay well here’s your chance. Take nice long drive to Wrapsody and binge away!

22. Caramel Cupcake – Dipping Pot


For everyone who loves a little (or a lot!) of caramel, this is your cupcake.