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21 Quick Recipes for you to break your fast with this Ramadan


It’s the holy month of Ramadan and Muslims all over the world have taken to fasting and praying to make the most of this blessed month. For those of you who aren’t very familiar with the concept of Ramadan and fasting, we will break it down for you. From sun up to sun down, a fast is kept which includes no water or food. And come sun set, the fast is broken in a ritual known as ‘Iftar’. 

The concept of ‘Iftar’ is also famous in the foodie world because it hosts some of the most delectable and delicious snacks we have ever come across. From Kebabs to Biriyani, ‘Iftar’ meal has everything. Well, if you don’t have any Muslim friends to pester them to take you home for ‘Iftar’, you could try one of these quick recipes. Or even ask your friend to make them for you! 

For those of you who are fasting, we give you 21 quick recipes for you to break your fast with! 

1. Garlic and Cheese Bombs Recipe

Gooey cheese spills out of these tiny, adorable and delectable bombs!

Grab' em Bombs!

2. Chicken Lettuce Wrap Recipe

Get your protein after a long day of fasting with this healthy chicken recipe!

lettuce wraps recipe featured image

3. Baked Falafel Recipe

Yummy chick pea bites served with a creamy yogurt and sesame sauce-tahini-and hot pita bread.

Fala-feels like heaven.

4. Aloo Paneer Kofta Recipe

A vegetarian Indian Patty that is perfect for you to dip into!

Kof(ta) it up.

5. Baklava Recipe

It’s sugary and nutty and the perfect dessert to end your day with. 


6. Baked Chicken Nuggets Recipe 

You could fry them but you wouldn’t want that much oil in your system, would you?

Baked Chicken Nuggets Recipe

7. Chicken Fajitas Recipe 

We get that this isn’t a traditional way to go, but who doesn’t like some chicken wrapped in a roll?

It doesn't get easier than this!

8. Rava Idli Recipe 

The perfectly light way to break your fast. 

South Indian Rava Idli Recipe

9. Chicken 65 Kothu Paratha Recipe 

Chicken 65, good. Parotta, good. Combine the two and head South in the first bite.

Chicken Kothu Parotta Recipe

10. Samvat Rice Kheer Recipe 

There’s no way you can have an iftar without kheer. 

Samvat Rice Kheer image

11. Indian Chicken Curry Recipe 

Combine with some rotis and you have a winning meal!

Curry, you are more Indian than Indian.

12. Methi Pakora Recipe 

A crispy fried Indian fritter that is the perfect snack. 

Methi Pakora Recipe Image

13. Corn Patties Recipe 

Delicious, crunchy patties that are easy to make!

Corn Patties Recipe Image

14. Kuzhi Paniyaram Recipe

The small version of appam when served with the right curry or chutney makes for a delicious iftar. 

Kuzhi Paniyaram Recipe

15. Sabudana Vada Recipe 

Crisp fried patties made with tapioca pearls, peanuts and mashed potatoes


16. Tandoori Chicken Recipe 

There’s no iftar without some meat!

Tandoori Chicken

17. Paneer Tikka Recipe 

The easiest paneer tikka you will ever make. 

Mouthwatering-ly good!

18. Baingan Pakora Recipe

Crispy fried pieces of Brinjal that is a guaranteed Iftar hit!


19. Murgh Malaiwala Recipe 

Creamy curry for your iftar meal

Murgh Malaiwala

20. Cheese Paratha Recipe

A delicious stuffed paratha with melt-in-your-mouth cheese

Cheese Paratha Recipe Image

21. Chicken Tikka Masala Recipe

Easy-peasy, but heavenly, no doubt.

Tastebuds Ticking.