21 Breakfast Dishes To Pump Up Your Mornings In Bengaluru

Breakfast is the first meal of the day and is essential in giving fuel to the body to help you throughout the day. Breakfast provides energy and helps you concentrate and focus on your work by increasing the glucose levels which your brain requires for functioning at peak levels. Having the right breakfast helps in providing nutritional benefits such as reducing obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes. 

We are always on the lookout for some good breakfast places in Bengaluru to gives us the right kind of tasty treats that will get us going before work or on a weekend where we are too lazy to cook at home. Here are some of our favourite breakfast dishes served in the restaurants of Bengaluru that fills us up in all the right places. 

1. Three Way Breakfast at 154 Breakfast Club, Koramangala

The three way breakfast is our personal favourite because it has our three perfect components for a good breakfast – Pancakes, Scrambled Eggs and Toast, and Bacon. It satisfies all the nutritional components of a daily diet and the bacon obviously satisfies our taste component. 


2. The Hangover Remedy at Hole In The Wall Cafe, Koramangala

Although Hole in the Wall cafe serves a wide variety of amazing breakfast platters, we always go for the simple and cheap, The Hangover Remedy. Spicy fried eggs topped with chilli and served with 2 slices of bread is a simple yet delicious treat for a busy workday morning. 


3. Masala Omelette at Egg Factory, Whitefield

Again, we like simple things in life, just like the Masala omelette at the Egg factory. Perfectly flavoured and cooked omelette served with your choice of white or brown bread toast. Nothing goes better with a hot cup of coffee and a good book on a Sunday morning. 


4. Breakfast On A Stick at Woodstok, Indiranagar

Woodstok is the kind of place you visit on a weekend for an elaborate breakfast feast. Although their food menu is quite vast, we always go for the quirky dishes that is easy on the eyes and the stomach. Breakfast on a stick satisfies all our requirements, waffles topped with whipped cream and served on a stick. What can possible be more quirky? 


5. Walnut And Raisin Pancakes at Smoke House Deli, Lavelle Road

We love pancakes. It is the most comfortable breakfast dish in that it makes all warm and fuzzy on the inside. There are different variations of pancakes served in Bengaluru but what makes us feel the ultimate comfort is the walnut and raisin pancakes at Smoke House Deli. 


6. Paneer Whole Wheat Roll at Tea Brew, Indiranagar

Although we tend to overdo on the bacon and sausages bit quite a lot, we do like a healthy nutritious meal early in the morning. Nothing says fresh and nutritious quite like fresh paneer served inside a whole wheat roll. Its healthy and perfect for that busy work day when you need food, fast.  


7. Chicken Sausage Crepes at Lot Like Crepes, Koramangala

Crepes are the french-style pancakes which we absolutely must gorge on atleast once per week. Although we prefer the sweet variety, the savoury chicken sausage crepes at Lot Like Crepes satisfies our taste buds even more. 


8. Chilli Cheese Toast at Rooftop Cafe, Jayanagar

Economical breakfast options are always necessary when we are scrounging up those bills at the end of the month. For Rs. 40, you get the delectable and satisfying Chilli Cheese Toast at Rooftop Cafe, a perfect breakfast option for those days when the notes in your wallet just isn’t quite there. 


9. Toasted Roast Lamb Sandwich at Lakeview Milk Bar, MG Road

Sandwiches are the perfect light breakfast that your diet plan requires you to have to maintain that incredible fit shape you ar….ah, who are we kidding, we don’t care about diets. The great thing about Lakeview Milk Bar is that they add some roast lamb into the picture to spruce up that boring old sandwich. 


10. Aloo Cheese Paratha at Indian Paratha Company, Devanhalli

All the continental breakfast dishes sometimes doesn’t satisfy our Indian soul. What we really need is some nice hot parathas and chai overlooking a beautiful garden. Indian Paratha Company provides that and much more. 


11. Sagu Masala Dosa at Vidyarthi Bhavan, Basavangudi

In the line of traditional Indian breakfasts, Sagu Masala Dosa at Vidyarthi Bhavan satisfies our inner South Indian. The vegetable curry inside the dosa give us a fancy twist to the traditional masala dosa. 


12. French Toast at Cafe 132, Koramangala

We love making french toast. It’s simple and goes down fast. Cafe 132 serves the best french toast that we’ve ever had outside our own kitchen. The difference between Cafe 132’s French Toast and other varieties is that it is a full breakfast meal, served with grilled tomato, parsley potato, sautéed mushrooms and sunny side eggs. 


13. Butter Masala Dosa at Madurai Idly Shop, Indiranagar

Madurai Idly shop serves one of the best vegetarian breakfast menu in town, with their idlys, dosas and puris all morning. We especially love their butter masala dosa because it is the perfect way to make a dosa, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. 


14. Chicken Club Sandwich at The 19th Main Cafe, HSR Layout

Chicken Club Sandwich is as traditional sandwich dish as you can get. The 19th Main Cafe does the history and tradition of the sandwich justice with their variation of it. 


15. Bulls Eye Burger at Cafe Rossini, New BEL Road

Burgers for breakfast? You must be asking whether we have gone mad. The great thing about the bulls eye burger at Cafe Rossini is the fact that it has very minimal ingredients and acts as a good breakfast substitute if you are in the mood to indulge a bit to start off the day. 


16. Aloo Bondas at South Thindies, Basavangudi

Although bondas aren’t considered to be a breakfast dish, the bondas at South Thindies are so good that we will let it pass. 


17. English Breakfast at Coffee on Canvas, Koramangala

Several places in Bengaluru serve traditional English breakfast, but Coffee on Canvas serves the right amount without making us feel guilty of hitting the gym on the weekends. 


18. All Day Breakfast at Art Blend Cafe, HSR Layout

The all day breakfast at Art Blend Cafe is the perfect way to start your morning or your afternoon or to end your night after some drinking. The breakfast comes with omlette, toast, hash browns, baked beans, chicken sausages served with nice cappuccino. 


19. Creamy Mushroom Omelette at Cafe Buzzinga, Whitefield

The omelette at Cafe Buzzinga gets spruced up with a creamy mushroom sauce topped with chopped parsley. The most delectable omelette variation we’ve had in Bengaluru. 


20. Spanish Breakfast at Flamenco, Jayanagar

Add some Spanish pizzazz to your breakfast with the Spanish breakfast at Flamenco. The Spanish breakfast comes with toast, sautéed mushrooms and tomatoes, spanish omelette and your choice of tea or juice. 



21. Fried Eggs at Mr. Beans Cafe, Koramangala

We end the list with a simple breakfast dish at Mr. Beans. Although the food is really good at Mr. Beans, we usually go there for a Sunday breakfast to get away from the hustle and bustle of other breakfast places in Bengaluru.