21 Best Bengali Dishes You Need To Try In This Lifetime!


Bengali recipes has its own richness which can fill everyone’s mouth with water. There are many different types of spices which gives bengali dishes so different flavours that you can’t get over it even after finishing your dish. Here’s our 21 best bengali dishes that will make you lick your finger!

1.Jhal Muri Recipe


Jhal Muri is a spicy puffed rice chat made in a jiffy. Kolkata city is the original Jhal Muriparadise, which also houses variety of other famous irresistible chaats. In Bengali language, Jhal means ‘spicy’ and Muri means ‘puffed rice’.This simple yet delicious snack can be put together in minutes and features typical Bengali ingredients like mustard oil.

2.Tangra Macher Jhol


Tangra Macher Jhol means tangra fish curry. This recipe is very flavorful and easy to prepare. This spicy fish curry is a massive hit amongst Bengalis. Prepared with freshly grounded spices, the gravy is thick and full of flavours. The red chillies bring out a fiery taste in the curry. It is best enjoyed hot with plain steamed rice.


3.Begun Bhaja


Begun Bhaja is a traditional Bengali style dish of delicately spiced slices of aubergine that are then fried to a crisp and usually served with a simple, homely meal. It is crunchy and spicy, making it a delicious party appetizers or side-dish for your party menu as well.

4.Kanchkolar Kofta


 Kanchkolar Kofta Curry is a traditional Bengali recipe. Kanchkola is cooked almost in every Bengali household and Kofta Curry made with this makes a very delicious recipe. This goes well with hot chapattis or plain hot rice.This preparation is ideal for a vegetarian lunch/dinner party.

5.Dum Aloo Recipe


dum aloo recipe is so easy and authentic that you’ll love to cook. This recipe uses favored Kashmiri spices like fennel/aniseed and ginger powder.This quick curry is one of my stand-bys for busy nights. The curry paste is flavoured with cumin, cloves, cinnamon and red chillies, and can be made easily in a food processor.

6.Daab Chingri


Daab Chingri is an authentic traditional Bengali recipe. This is a very special dish which is occasionally prepared at prawn within a tender green coconut shell.

7.Shorshe ilish


 Sorshe Ilish is a traditional Bengali dish. Nothing is more blissful than a plate of steamed rice with some pieces of Hilsa along with the mustard gravy.

8.Kosha Mangsho


Kosha Mangsho is a very famous bengali dish when spices and cooked until the meat it tender juicy.erve This recipe is a perfect weekend lunch or dinner.

9.Muri ghonto recipe


Muri ghonto is a authentic Bengali dish, where the Rohu/Katla fish head is cooked with flavorful rice like Gobindo Bhog Chal. Gobindo Bhog Chal is only available is Bengal. But if you are outside of Bengal, you may use good quality Basmati rice for ‘Muri Ghonto‘.

10.Cham cham


hese tear drop shaped rasgullas have a firmer texture as they are cooked in a thicker sugar syrup.Amongst all the Bengali Sweets ,Chum Chum is an all time favourite.

11.Keema Muttor


Keema matar is a great way to prepare mincemeat, Indian style, as the peas and mince complement each other in both consistency and taste.Indian style keema (or kheema) dishes are said to have originated in Persia and Iran, and remain a popular dish in Parsiand Irani households. However, it’s also a go to dish in various other kitchens because of its simplicity and wholesome taste.



It is a soft Indian pancake dipped in sweet saffron syrup. The mixture is sometimes delicately seasoned with cardamoms to give it an impeccable taste. This scrumptious sweet dish tastes best when served hot with cold rabri .

13.Mochar Ghonto | Keema Samosa


What’s better than a piping hot deep-fried golden samosa stuffed with delicious spiced fillings? A piping hot golden samosa stuffed with juicy sautéed minced meat! That’s right, we’re speaking of every keema-loving soul’s favourite appetiser, the keema samosa. The snack is easy to make and uses very few raw materials, most of which are easily available in most super markets. So get ready to floor your guests with a batch of these delicious keema samosas with some zest coriander chutney!

14.Chocolate  Sandesh Recipe


Chocolate Sandesh Recipe is a fusion Indian sweet, made of homemade Indian cottage cheese, also known as chenna and combined with a rich milk chocolate. Sandesh is a popular Bengali dessert and this takes the festivities up a notch by adding a touch of chocolate to give it a rich and full-bodied texture.

15.Luchi Recipe


Bengali Luchi Recipe to make Luchi, a deep-fried flatbread made with Maida/All Purpose Flour. It is the most cherished breakfast fare of the Bengalis.

16.Bengali Rasagulla Recipe


Rasgulla is a very famous Indian sweet made of Paneer/Indian cottage cheese and also very easy to prepare. They are actually paneer balls soaked in sugar syrup.

17.Matar Kachori Recipe


Matar ki kachori is a very popular version of kachoris. These deep-fried delicious dough balls stuffed with a spicy green pea mixture are a great snack any time of the year. The flavour of desi ghee in these kachoris really takes things to another level. Serve hot with any chutney of your choice – even ketchup works.

18.Moong Dal Khichdi Recipe


Bengali Moong Dal Khichdi Recipe is always made during durga puja festival. this khichdi is served as bhog to ma durga along with some other bengali delicacies.

19.Cholar Dal Recipe


cholar dal recipe – a festive dal that is often made for celebrations in bengal and this includes the durga pooja celebrations.

20.Mishti Doi


This light dish after a meal will quickly cool you down, leaving a delicious flavour behind. Mishti Doi has a thick and dense texture, just like ice cream. The dry fruits give the yogurt a crunchy flavour.

21.Chingri Macher Malaikari


An extremely popular Bengali curry, Prawn Malai Curry is a celebratory recipe and is usually referred to as ‘Chingri Macher Malaikari’ by most of the Bengalis.