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Skip the coffee shop and make an iced mocha at home with cold brew coffee and add spicy chocolate sauce!

A tasty Tamil style vegetable kurma served with parotta, idiyappam, chapati & puri.

Idlis are a breakfast favourite even outside south india. Fibre rich oats and rava combine to make delicious instant idlis that you can enjoy fresh.

Carrot Mimosa

Sure, you’ve had many a mimosa at brunch, but have you ever had a carrot mimosa? If you haven’t, you may want to try this recipe from Supercall! The best part? You’ll feel healthy af drinking this! Print Recipe Carrot

2018 has been an eventful year, but food dominated the headline throughout. As Zomato expanded its footprint to ~120 cities in India, they learnt a thing or two about food trends as well – not just in the online ordering

Someone’s ordinary day can be made special with a small gesture of love. Hold their hand today and walk with them on a road to compassion and happiness. Tossin Pizza India believes in helping the underpriviledge and through this act wishes

While we’re all a bit relieved that the unicorn food trend has died down considerably, we sometimes miss the wild and colourful way food was presented. However, Gik Live! may be bringing the trend back (albeit in a more palatable

Cheap booze always sells, and Applebee’s has found that to be a tried and true anecdote over the course of the years with their Dollaritas, $1 Long Island Iced Teas (I KNOW), and Bahama Mamas. Even after the whole “horrible

The different food must not touch each other on the plate. The ketchup and mustard should come from packets not bottle. The meats to be cooked at specific temperature. If you know Sheldon Lee Cooper then you know how precisely

Bath bombs are all the rage (gotta spice up that social media feed somehow) and KFC even released a fried chicken scented one (yikes). However, if you’ve got a bae in your life, you’ll love the adorable emoji bath bombs

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