Protein powder is a useful supplement to help you increase your protein intake, especially if you find hard to get enough of it. In addition to that, if you are in a weight loss plan, you want it to be

This recipe is going to be your new favourite!

Desserts is everyone’s favorite part of the meal and when the dessert has been cooked to perfection and decked to be a beauty, it has to be Brew Buddy’s Melting Chocolate Ball. The best part about the dessert is that the ball

Are you leaving very early? Don’t have the time to eat? You can pick up breakfast on the go from Roasted by Roseate – Roseate House, with their new Breakfast on the go offer for all breakfast lovers. Starting January 1st, 2019,

The Yauatcha mixology program is based on the philosophy of fresh and eclectic; it offers a wide selection of cocktails using fresh ingredients, homemade purees, foams, fruits, herbs and spices that pay a modern homage to Asian flavours. With its

One of the most exciting things about this cocktail (apart from the wordplay, duh) is that almost every ingredients is green! Avocados, matcha powder and mezcal combine for an amazingly smoky cocktail. Courtesy of Supercall – this is one you’ll

Midge in on tour and while she’s gone Imogene’s baby shower happens without her being present. The potato salad is what reminds her of the occasion and also the fact that it was just the beginning of sacrifices she would

In what can only be describes as the ‘WikiLeaks’ of the food world, Business Insider has obtained internal documents from McDonald’s that seem to confirm the addition of a new breakfast item *drum roll* – Donut Sticks. While ordinarily this

According to an update by the F&B News, the Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MoFPI) wants to set up mega food parks in the states that do not have them as well as the union territories. The parks will be

We all know that Oreo is always hitting the brief with their new flavors (except for the Peeps mishap) and now an amazing new flavor has dropped that looks divine! It turns out that rumours were true, Carrot Cake Oreos

Veganuary is here, and while most New Year Resolutions end up in the can by the end of Jan, chain restaurants offering up vegan options have been on the rise busy trying to crack the vegan market. Now, Pizza Hut

It’s a new year and a plethora of flavours await you dear foodies. So we’ve curated a list of 10 restaurants that’ll not only entice you with its food but also make sure you have a great time. Get ready

If you’re looking for the perfect place to satisfy your sugary cravings (December was last year, after all) then The Leela Palace is the place that you want to head to! Winters are here and so are fresh red strawberries.

A simple, spicy and quick chutney recipe that is packed with flavors and goes well as a side dish with idli.

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