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Easiest brownie recipe ever!

Coffee is one of those drinks that a lot of people can’t do without. A good portion of the public starts their day with coffee. Many of them continue to drink it well past lunch time and all through the

We’re sure you have splendid New Year Resolutions but for them to be fulfilled right from day one, you need to get over the party last night. Even if you haven’t had alcohol, the loud music and the late night

It’s crazy to think that raisins are just dried grapes with super concentrated components. Have you guys ever thought about the differences or similarities between these two delicious fruits? Here they are, just in case you were wondering. SUGAR: When

Gas stove is a must have kitchen appliance in every household. Now-a-days there are so much types of gas stoves and brands that it gets hard to choose the best gas stove for your home. Here we have listed the best gas

How about a New Year’s eve which is memorable and serves as the perfect last night of 2018 and helps you bring in the New Year with zeal and enthusiasm? Hiten Panwar is all set to rock your New Years eve at Studio XO. On the playlist for the

Feature image source Print Recipe Arhar Ki Dal Recipe Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Prep Time 10 minutes Cook Time 50 minutes Servings MetricUS Imperial Ingredients 1 cup ½ cup bell peppers(red, green and yellow)1/2 tsp Turmeric

A delicious healthy ice cream in just 3 ingredients!

Getting abs takes time. Key point here is that you shouldn’t wait until the new year or that beach vacation to start the process. If you want abs, you’re going to need to lose fat and build muscle. Here’s how

The filling for this delicious cheesecake has just four simple ingredients, and the cake bakes in a mere 30 minutes. Now THAT’S easy!

It is a healthy and nutritious kambu inipu kolukattai perfect for tea time too.

This recipe was featured on and makes the best, simple shortbread.

An evening filled with surprises, scrumptious food, great music and the best in town party! When you break free from the usual is when you enjoy Unlimited! With the first new year to share with the patrons, Unlimited is all set to host

When life gives you lemons, make this refreshing cocktail with vodka. Serve this up at your party when everyone’s feeling the buzz. This one will go down easy and keep you all going. Print Recipe New Year’s Eve Lemon Cocktail

After a year with plenty of unnecessary things on the list, it’s time to strike them off! Your favorite neighbourhood bar/cafe, #SOCIAL, is here to bring you the one thing that’s definitely essential – #TheNecessaryNYEParty, to say goodbye to 2018

Spinach is a nutritious vegetable and is known for its antioxidant properties. But is that antioxidant reaching to you? With the same question in mind the researchers at the Linköping University in Sweden tried out various methods of consuming spinach

If you are on the look out for some new hang out places in town then look no further as Cafe Bokan just opened up in Delhi! Join the bar, retreat at the deck and rejoice your visit as they

The Year-end is approaching and so are the amazing deals which can make your NYE just perfect. Treat yourself to the two amazing packages available at Cervesia and spoil your taste buds to the finest flavors around town. With two offers

While there’s always plenty of focus on macros, sometimes the micros can miss out on having our attention! Vitamins and minerals, also known as micronutrients, are compounds that supply us with essential nutrients for different processes in the body and

There’s no doubt that water is probably the most important thing we have to ingest. But how much water should you drink?⠀After doing the research on this topic – hydration is quite complicated and it varies due to many different