Avocados are delicious fruits that come with a whole lot of health benefits. They are extremely good for your skin and hair as they are rich in beta-carotene. They are also good for digestion and liver functioning. They can also

feature image source Print Recipe Mango Sorbet Recipe (Hindi) इस आम के सॉर्बे में ताज़े खट्टे-मिठे आम के साथ दही और नींबू के रस का संयोजन है, जो आपकी इंद्रियों को जरूर ही ताज़गी का एहसास देगा। Votes: 0 Rating:

चॉकलेट हमेशा एक मज़ेदार सौम्य रुप प्रदान करता है, और कोई भी चॉकलेट के स्वाद वाले खाने को मना नहीं कर सकता!

Some like it crispy, some like it soft and moist and some just think they are pancakes with abs! You can have this dish with either savoury or sweet toppings and the different variations or flavours you can try is

Inspired by the popular cuisine of Sri Lanka, the restaurant named Hoppumm has been established in Mumbai and it claims to feed us with an array of delicacies from the country. The newbie in Bandra has opened for business and

Get the magic of luscious sauces by Subway at home and use them in a variety of sandwiches or simply as dips! Print Recipe Copycat Subway Mayonnaise Recipe Creamy, Delicious Mayonnaise! Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Course

If you are one among those who are bored of sending the same typical gifts to surprise your loved ones on Diwali, then Cold Brew Coffee is a one-stop solution to revamp your creative skills and create memories to be cherished forever.

Mumbai, 2018: Living up to its promise of delivering happiness to your doorstep, Scootsy has a host of exciting offers this Diwali that you can gift your loved ones. From cheese platters to door hangings, Diwali candy bag to Belgian

If you haven’t been to Sundari Akka Kadai, you don’t know what Seafood Heaven feels like. This eatery, fondly christened ‘Sundari Akka Kadai’ by the hundreds of people who patronize it every day, is all the rage on the shores

The South China Morning Post reported on 23rd October that the Shanghai Municipal Food and Drug Administration, together with the Municipal Education Authority, organized health checks in many international schools across the city, following the investigations on SMIC school that