Who could really hate Nutella? Unbelievable right? Well, we now clearly know someone who does. This might come as a shocker to many but Chrissy Teigen is anti-nutella! She has been quite vocal about her dislike for Nutella on social

Who said that you gotta drink plain beer the entire Oktoberfest? Try out this delicious, easy to make Oktoberfest cocktail that combines a lovely smooth bourbon with a typical pint of lager, courtesy of! Print Recipe Beer Sting Cocktail

LaCroix is under fire after a lawsuit was filed against the drink’s parent company which alleges that LaCroix is not 100% natural. The class action suit also maintains that LaCroix uses a number of artificial ingredients, including linalool, which is used

Tis’ the season of PSL’s and festive-themed food and drink. Coca-Cola, the soft drink giant, also seems to be getting in on the action, with a limited edition cinnamon flavored Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. The cinnamon-flavored pop will be available in the

What better way to begin your mornings than with a sumptuous French Toast? Make it this Sunday and delight yourself and your loved ones! Print Recipe Copycat IHOP French Toast Recipe Perfect Sunday Recipe! Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate

Let’s be honest, not all of us busy millennials have got the time to cook breakfast up from scratch (kudos to the ones who do). That’s where iD Fresh Food comes into the picture with some delicious ready to cook

What began as a Whatsapp group by Naresh Babu, an IT consultant has transformed into a group on Facebook consisting of foodies from Bengaluru. Thindi Potharu which means ‘all things food and food alone’ was the name given to the

It is October and how can you not rejoice spending time at the Oktoberfest! Pikkle, Delhi is in full throttle and with each day, their family is growing and so elated are we. Enjoy a Buy One Get one on

Be it ramen or a piping hot bowl of Maggi, noodles is mostly everyone’s favourite. We believe that spicier the better, do you agree? Well, we’ve got you some awesome noodles recipes and you can pick and make one based

To ensure quality of food, Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) will be conduction regular food drives during the Durga Puja in the city reports Millenium Post. The KMC will also be giving special attention to the quality of packaged water and

Ridge gourd or beerekai bajji is very traditional, popular and easy snack recipe.

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