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Have you heard of the red-ant chutney? Well, if you haven’t it’s not too late because this chutney is now made world famous by Gordon Ramsay’s new menu! Chapda Chutney and Dona Pudga are two famous tribal food items from

Traditional cooking can be seen only in the small towns and rural areas of India. But the traditional cooking methods such as slow cooking in a handi, grinding masalas in a mortar and pestle or a sil batta enhances the

It’s India v/s Pakistan tomorrow and even your boss knows why you’re calling in sick. So why not gather all your work buddies and head to one of these coolest bars in Mumbai and make the most of this rivalry

Marking its presence across Europe and steadily growing its chain of hotels across the globe, Louvre Hotels Group has managed to climb the ladder to being the fifth largest chain of its kind in the world. The group now aims

Yes, she will be back with all her sass and magic this December and the trailer sure looks promising. We’re celebrating with Mary Poppins’ favourite lemons cakes and we’re sure you’d want to take a slice or two! Print Recipe

Showcasing its unconditional love for the liquid sunshine, The Beer Café, India’s largest alco-beverage chain, has made an extremely ‘spirited’ addition to its extensive food menu with Beery-tizers. The latest category will have several innovative and delightful food items cooked

If you’re looking for a classic scotch cocktail that combines some gorgeous, complementing flavors then why not try this Drunk Uncle cocktail courtesy of Serious Eats. Print Recipe Drunk Uncle Cocktail This take on a Negroni keeps scotch at the

The newest happening Kid in the block, situated at City Centre 2, turned one thisAugust. Since the past one year, we have loved everything while we were #stuckintraffic. Be it their quirky interiors, or the twisted menu, it has always

With the special attraction of plated desserts and Illy Coffee, Little Pleasures Patisserie has opened the door of its first ever boutique dessert room. The “Little Pleasures Patisserie”, a patisserie in the French style that combined global palates and trends

Bengaluru has its fair share of microbreweries, and is pretty well known for its craft beer culture. However, the Ooru is also home to a burgeoning battalion of bartenders who have revived our love for craft cocktails, and no one

“Vegetables, non-alcoholic drinks and mindful eating will take centre stage” are just a few of the trends forecast by the Michelin guide of 2018. With the rising culture of vegetarianism around the world, Yauatcha has crafted an extensive vegetarian menu

Being able to drink clean water is an essential to keep your body healthy and clean of diseases. One way of making sure the water you drink is clean is by using a water purifier. Purified water is water that

Aromatic and filled with garlicy, spicy, sweet and sharp flavours from the basil leaves, this is one dish that will make you oomph in delight and make it a regular on your weeknight dinner table. The perfect glaze from the sauce is a delight to they eyes making it a dish that you would want to savour with your eyes and mouth.

Creamy, rich, with hints of lemony flavour with a crisp cookie crust is how we would describe this cake.

This will be your mantra when you make this dish. Now, who doesn’t love spaghetti? This version will bring out the fresh and vibrant flavours of the salsa along with the spaghetti.

This divine beauty in a bowl is simple and fun to prepare. All you got to do is cook your chicken in a sauce made of cream and aromatic herbs given by us and bam! Your restaurant style creamy Tuscan garlic chicken is ready! Slurp it hot with a bowl of spaghetti.

A delicious juicy chicken breast with a creamy stuffing of mushroom and spinach makes this a toothsome continental meal. This is served with Creamy Mashed Potatoes on the side.

With lots of people opting to make the Ganesh festival in Maharashtra eco-friendly, the creative side of many can be seen in the form of fondant Ganpati and now Pani Puri Ganpati in the cities of Mumbai and Pune. According