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When Eleven escapes and finds herself at Benny’s the first thing she grabs on to is fries and later a simple burger that Benny gives her to eat. The state in which she is at the time, chowing down a

The Taste Nirvanaah Trail organised by Marriott International Inc. is a culinary journey that takes you to a whole new world. It is a treat to all your senses and is an escapade of its own kind. The chefs at Marriott

Work weeks can be monotonous and boring. So it’s no surprise that Monday is the most hated day of the week and Smonday blues are real. To cure you of these, we’ve brought you 8 lively events that are happening

Researchers in Penn State have found that consuming white button mushrooms can act like a probiotic that make certain shifts in the gut. These shifts in turn can help improve regulation of glucose in the body. This research, if taken

For all those missing Meghan Markle on season 8 of Suits say ‘aye’. While we miss her too, we’re making her favourite food as she has been known to be a foodie as Rachel Zane and off screen as well.

‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.’ This has been claimed by many but recent research has found that those who follow a fitness regime and workout regularly should not be missing breakfast at all and here’s why.

At an event held recently in Mumbai, Vanhouten Professional from Barry Callebaut has introduces to the Indian market, four variants of couverture chocolates. These chocolates contain a higher amount of cocoa butter than edible chocolate. These variants introduces by Vanhouten

Restaurant style kadhai paneer recipe with step by step.

Celebrity Chef Javed Ahmad is all set to inaugurate his new modern cuisine restaurant, Maziga, in Bengaluru on August 31. He once mentioned, “Maziga means food served in earthen pots and the food journey via a 15-course meal will be the USP

Onam celebrates the yield of a good crop, and the coming together of all people in celebration. This 24th of August, come together as one and enjoy the sumptuous Onam lunch at Bengaluru city’s premium luxury property, JW Marriott Hotel

Let’s see how quickly you can guess where these foods originate from!

Can’t a mom make his first-born son a pre-breakfast milkshake? Only if she’s up to something. Fuller House seems to be a successful spin-off of Full House. The 90s kids sure are lovely the refreshing change, including us. And of

This delicious white rum cocktail packs a punch and it only has three ingredients! Try out this recipe, courtesy of GQ and let us know how it turned out! Print Recipe Tropical Sparkle Cocktail This fruity cocktail is easy to

Ever wanted to chow down on meaty delights like there’s no tomorrow? Well, you’ve got the chance for a whole month as Bombay Vintage hosts the Bombay Catholic Festival. Relish delicacies much loved by native East Indians, migrants from Goa,

Oh the joys of biting into a crunchy, crispy khasta kachori! Your mouth’s watering now right? Stepping in for a Sunday brunch at The Leela Mumbai will now mean revelling in a wafting aroma of delicacies from the homes and

All About Pork

What is the best cut of pork to make pulled pork with? Pulled pork is a great place to start when learning about smoking and barbecue for a few different reasons. Pork shoulders and related cuts are relatively inexpensive, and

According to an update by the F&B News, the Indian Government has put a ban on 12 pesticides which were being used for agricultural purposes. This is an immediate ban which will be followed by a ban on six more

India’s food safety regulator the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has decided to form a committee comprising of three members to look into the draft food labeling and display regulations, according to reports. One of the regulations

A simple and easy Kadala curry cooked in roasted coconut gravy.

The common hypothesis is that food tastes best when paired with ingredients that share the same flavour. For example, Blue cheese goes perfectly with Chocolate when they are served together giving it a unique taste because of the overlapping flavours