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August is a special month for our motherland as it attained its freedom back in 1947. Today, the world knows us for a variety of achievements and cultural aspects especially food. Whichever part of India one may go to, there’s

You are what you eat. This simple proverb perfectly describes what the new age celebrities will allow on their plate. Celebrities these days have access to the world’s best Fitness trainers and Nutritionists, so when they dish out information on their

One of the things that always makes you nostalgic, is food. It’s always lovely to taste food that takes you to a different time and place. Now, you can get the experience life out in the tiger trails, right here

Dear Nutella, say hello to Science! If you live for Nutella, you are going to die for this recipe! Maltodextrin might sound complicated but is an extremely easy ingredient to work with once you have understood the concept behind it.

The best thing about pasta is that not only can it be tweaked, dumbed down, sauced up, and customized in a number of ways but the ease of making the dish can also be chosen according to your mood, the

Apple jam will definitely bring water in your mouth because of its golden and shiny texture.

These days cutting out an entire category of food from your regular diet is the new fad. Whether it’s cutting out carbs for the Keto diet, trying out a Paleo diet or trying to avoid anything with sugar to fit into

Looking for a job that comes with benefits like unlimited food, a dreamy location, and tens of reasons to binge on Nutella? Well, you might just be in luck because Italian chocolate manufacturer, Ferrero, is looking for 60 “sensory judges”

Food poisoning seems to be a rather common ailment, so much so, that insurance companies are conducting audits at workplace cafeterias. They’re also suggesting changes to be made in an effort to reduce claims related to gastroenteritis, colitis and heart-related

Dilli walas are very pernickety when it comes to their Butter Chicken, each person has their own go-to restaurant for it. But this food lane near Jama Masjid bustling with activity gives a whole new meaning to everyone’s mann pasand

Within a few years of its conception and launch, Swiggy has gone on to become one of India’s most loved, trusted, and hassle-free food delivery platforms. With a presence in most major Indian cities, the delivery platform is now taking

Moonwalk Cocktail

This cocktail, courtesy of Saveur, doesn’t have anything to do with Micheal Jackson’s moonwalk. Instead, this champagne cocktail is a tribute to Buzz Aldrin (the real Buzz Lightyear)! Print Recipe Moonwalk Cocktail This citrusy champagne cocktail is refreshing as can

With the title for the best selling cookie in the world, more than 450 billion Oreo cookies have been sold since their debut. So it is a given that almost every nook and corner of this globe is well acquainted

Easy to make fudge that you can even store in your fridge to enjoy later! Print Recipe Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Fudge Recipe Super-Easy Chocolate Fugde Recipe! Votes: 2 Rating: 5 You: Rate this recipe! Course Desserts Prep Time 15

Eating healthy in a busy life becomes really difficult and sooner or later we end up joining the gym to lose that excess fat due to our easy choices. But what if we told you that our Indian ingredients have

Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield adds pizzazz to Thursday evenings as they pair classic wines with an exquisite new Italian menu, and sweet-sounding jazz tunes, to give you a breathtaking dining experience. An extravagant evening awaits you at Alto Vino as

Cajoling your young ones into eating greens and veggies that they don’t like is a battle fought by almost every parent on every continent during every meal time. Of course, the parents only have their child’s good health and best

My coffee-times (with heavily fried samosas/batata vadas) are not the same anymore…in fact my most looked-forward-to evening cuppa is in good company now with All Heart’s Super Seeded Crackers! As a weight conscious individual, my evening coffee-time cravings put me

An inspection was conducted by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) checking on various cleanliness and hygiene factors in various restaurants and eateries in Madurai. According to a report by the Times of India, many of them

Word is, there is a new plant-based diet that can ease your cardiovascular ailments. Actually, there’s more than just word, there is proof as well. Christened the ‘Portfolio Diet’, this eating plan, which was generated by Canadian researcher David J