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Make way for a slew of Dim Sums as Pan Asian resto-bar Shiro unveils the ‘Dim Sip’ festival this season! Starting on June 29, prepare to give in to your dim sum cravings with a gamut of gourmet dumplings that

ICYMI, McDonald’s has been selling breakfast for a while, and it seems like there is a market for it (except when you reach 1 minute past breakfast time, just give me my McMuffin Ellen, dammit). However, it looks like McDonald’s

Did you know that cheese made out of buffalo’s milk is much yummier than that made from cow’s milk? Neither did I, until we snooped around to find out why this New York-styled pizzeria at Alwarpet, Chennai is named Ox

In case you haven’t been following up on the FIFA World Cup that’s taking place this June and July, the group stages have just finished and there have been some pretty shocking results so far. Mexico qualified for the round

Ever tried making perfectly round chapatis? Roti Makers have been created to make round roti in no time. A roti maker operates easily and smoothly and gives out delicious, hot rotis for you. This not only saves your time but

start the season of Amla, or the Indian gooseberry also commonly known as Awla. A peculiar green fruit that is sour and bitter and definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. So why are we talking about it today? It’s because

Whole Wheat is an excellent source of dietary fiber, which promotes digestive health, helps lower blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels, aids in weight management and encourages regular bowel movements. Even though they are rich in carbohydrates, they have a

What’s the one thing that prominently comes to mind the minute we hear someone say “KFC”? The face of Colonel Sanders, of course. Now, Colonel Sanders gets an Indian identity. Popular Indian film and theatre actor Denzil Smith has been

The plastic ban in Maharashtra has affected the food industry in a significant manner as restaurants indicate losses and unable to find a suitable alternative to plastic. According to a recent update by the Hindustan Times has revealed that online

One of the many reasons people find themselves vegged out in front of the idiot box whenever chef Gordon Ramsay comes on with one of his reality shows is because we enjoy all the drama. And trust us when we

If you think chicken nuggets are so last year and want to spice the dish up a notch, this Coconut Crusted Chicken recipe is what you’re looking for. This recipe has a healthy papaya salad on the side so that’s

As the name explains, the adrak ki chutney, a.k.a. aadu ni chutney is a traditional South Indian ginger dip that is consumed widely in Kathiyawad and Gujarat. Prepared by blending together a mix of fresh roasted spices and lentils, the

I wonder why ‘Desi Chinese’ isn’t already a cuisine? Unless the actual Chinese want to take credit for soy-blackened noodles and manchurian, let’s just call it a fancier portion of Indian Street Food. If you’re sporting a blank and clueless

Kids love popsicles. Adults love popsicles. Pretty much everyone loves popsicles, because hello, its summer and we would do anything for a cold treat.  To help you all beat the heat in style, we’ve come up with this yummy Fruity

Pizza, the answer to all our carb, fat, and gluten cravings rolled into one big delicious baked pie, has taken over the globe as a widely consumed snack. And with good reason. The preparation brings together the best of so

The FIFA World Cup is in full swing with the group stage of the tournament coming to a shocking end (Auf Wiedersehen)! Street Mama had planned out a fabulous Russian menu for the World Cup and we couldn’t wait to

Pomegranate Royale

If you want to try out a champagne cocktail, but just want to dip your toe in the proverbial water then why not try this Pomegranate Royale cocktail? Courtesy of Delish, all you need is three ingredients! Print Recipe Pomegranate

A little over a year ago, I wandered down the rabbit hole of the food & beverage industry. Like any outsider, I was slightly apprehensive; but I promptly learned two things: influencers make up a large part of the marketing

Here in India, Kingfisher is synonymous with an affordable, quality lager (and possibly kegs of draught). However, in the UK, Kingfisher is changing tack and partnering up with Freedom Brewery to create an IPA that’s specifically meant to be enjoyed

If you live a metropolitan city it may be hard to imagine life without Zomato, but in reality that is the case for many cities in India. However, today Zomato announced that they would be commencing operations in 25 new