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Tamarind Rice is a delightful South Indian lunch recipe.The unique mix of the tart and zesty flavors makes this recipe adored by all age groups..

The hot months are equivalent to cool food, juicy berries, fibrous greens, and nature’s candy, melons (you probably are either munching on them, now or have some stored away in the fridge for later). And while we are aware that

We all know the excitement that jackfruit season brings. Cutting open a jackfruit often turns into a family affair with everyone eager to get a taste of the delicious, meaty fruit. While we’re accustomed to seeing the jackfruit used in

Malacca Flip

This cheeky cocktail gets its name from a very specific brand of gin, you can make it vegan by removing the egg white. Courtesy of Esquire, this gin baby is easy to make and easy to drink. Print Recipe Malacca

Anyone familiar with the culinary world will have heard of the Bocuse d’Or, created and named after Chef Paul Bocuse 31 years ago. The biennial world chef championship takes place during two days near the end of January in Lyon, France

Former Catwoman and full-time stunner, Halle Berry has been dropping jaws for well over two decades. Apart from her stellar acting skills, the Monster’s Ball star also runs a tight ship when it comes to her diet and fitness. At

When one thinks of supermarket chains in the UK, they invariably think of Tesco, Sainsbury, and Asda. However, in a strange turn, Sainsbury has confirmed that they are in talks to merge with Asda. This deal would mean that the

Nope, no spoilers here but there are food references. Thought there aren’t any food scenes in the current, widely successful Avengers: Infinity Wars, but there is a reference in which Dr.Strange’s sidekick is craving something delish as he says, “I

Vibrant culture, heart-warming people, and lip-smacking food; there is no better way to describe this beautiful state. The Gujarati cuisine has a whole different idea of flavours, predominantly sweet and otherwise mostly spicy.  A community that is fond of its

Kebabs have played a major role in developing the human palate, especially in the Eastern hemisphere (more specifically Asia). From the jujeh kebab and falafels in the Middle East to the smoky char-grilled and tandoori specials along and beyond the

As summer is set to sizzle this year, get ready to chill out and beat the heat with Chef Gautam Mehrishi’s upcoming show ‘Hello Summer’ on Living Foodz. Starting April 16, the show reignites the nostalgia of summer vacations when

Whole Foods has built up quite a name for itself as an organic, health food store, however, after partnering up with Asian restaurant ‘Yellow Fever’ (no, we’re not kidding, it’s actually named that) they’ve waded into controversy with many people

Chennai is known for its plethora of street foods that have their roots in many cuisines from all over the country and from around the world. Food lovers in Chennai know exactly where to go for that perfect kulfi or


Khaman dhokla is a traditional Gujarati dish and my family’s favourite. I make it quite often at home as it’s a healthy breakfast dish and can be made in a jiffy.
For a long time, it has been in my mind to make sandwich dhokla. Finally, I made it few days back for breakfast. I had made paneer sandwich dhokla. It was easy to make, just takes little more time than the regular dhokla and indeed came out really well. The dhokla sandwich was soft and fluffy and the rich, soft , creamy paneer in between the layers made the bite more delicious.
My family really loved it and I hope you all would like it too:)


I was going through my recipe notebook yesterday and found this very simple and interesting recipe in my collection. One of the many recipes that I have jotted down from all possible sources. I decided to try for today’s breakfast as it required only the basic ingredients which all of us mostly have. It is a very simple and easy to make recipe. The dosa was very soft, had a melt in mouth texture and absolutely delicious. My family loved it. Hope you all would like it too:

Chayote is commonly known as Chow Chow or bengalur kathrikai inTamil Nadu.

It belongs to the gourd family. It’s low in calories and is a very rich source of dietary fibre, B complex vitamins and minerals. Generally the flesh of the vegetable is only used for cooking. But the peel which is usually discarded has lot of nutritive value.

Thogaiyal ( variety of chutney) made with this peel is a very traditional Tamil Brahmin dish and it’s one of my favourite too.

I made this after a very long time. It really came out very well and I enjoyed the thogaiyal with hot rice drizzled with sesame oil

Bored of the energy bars after gym? Well now that there is protein popcorn in the world so that might just change soon. According to a report by the Food Beast, Protes, US based brand, has created protein popcorn and

Of the many scrumptious cuisines that the South Eastern fragments of Asia have to offer, one of the yummiest and most zestful hails from the seafood and spice-rich country of Thailand. With an ingredient portfolio that features ingredients like galangal, lemongrass, fish sauce,

Coconut Burfi (Thengai Burfi) is a tasty south Indian sweet done on most of the festival and special occasions.

Crispy potato chips are often romanticised with PepsiCo’s chips label ‘Lay’s‘ (unless you can afford a facnier box of deliciously stacked wafers also known as Pringles). Not only has Lay’s been giving us bags full of aromatic air to inhale