Eyes from all around the World are getting increasingly mindful of the next big Royal couple, actress Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, which is all set to tie the knot on 19 May 2018 at Windsor Castle in England. So

For people who’ve fished through a fair amount of fast food around the globe, the poutine needs to introduction. For the uninitiated, poutine is a popular Canadian fast food preparation featuring golden-fried – or even baked – French fries topped

Recipe for the classic Daiquiri cocktail, featuring rum, lime and sugar. This is a very simple drink you can tweak to get just your preferred balance of sweetness and tartness.

The week gone by saw an exciting variety of food and beverage-related opinion polls. From taking your pick between the kind of laddoo that you like to pair your festivals with to voting for the forgotten Maggi flavor that you

A recent report by the Times of India, says that the Bangalore International Airport Terminal (BIAL) is now offering vouchers worth Rs.500 to the passengers using the services of the KSRTC Flybus. The vouchers are redeemable against food, beverages and

Delhi Government’s Department of Food Safety is lacking in manpower with only 56 food inspectors doing the work of the sanctioned 273 inspectors. This means that the department is falling short of over 200 employs and that further implies that

It’s summer time and while we definitely aren’t looking forward to the excessive heat, we definitely are looking for the plentiful flavours these summers are going to bring us. The most prominent ones like mango can already be seen in

A warm wine based drink

Pretty colours, crisp layer and soft meringue on the inside, macarons are absolutely delicious and we certainly can’t resist these on any given day. That’s why World Macaron Day is no exception and we encourage you to head to Yauatcha

Soft, Delicious Idiyappams!


Scotch Mist Recipe

The Scotch Mist drink recipe is made from scotch whiskey and lemon, and served over crushed ice in a rocks glass.

Not sure what to do with last night’s leftover rice? Well, here’s an amazing rice recipe from Malaysia to step up your rice game. Widely consumed in Southeast Asian countries, the Hainanese chicken rice is a mild rice dish made

Pisco Punch Recipe

Pisco Punch brings together high-quality pisco, white wine, pineapple and lemon juice. The relatively simple recipe allows the floral notes of El Gobernador pisco to really shine.

The martini cocktail is made with whiskey and vermouth. The classic whiskey martini is an elegant and easy to make, essential cocktail.

The world’s oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic beverage, beer, is loved for a number of reasons around the globe. Some like it for the flavor (s), some for the high, and there are some who have preferences based on

With its zesty and spiced-up center and crunchy flaky outside, there is no doubt that the kachori is one of the yummiest savories in the sweet shop. The Rajasthani snack comes with a variety of fillings – matar, pyaaz and

Delicious Ghee Pongal!

The FnB News reports that the government of Maharashtra has promised that milk adulteration will soon become a non-bailable offence in the state. The report further says that those caught in the adulteration can be imprisoned for up to three

According to a report by the FnB News, India’s largest importer and distributor of fresh fruits, IG International has imported organic apples. The fruit has been imported from the Wenatchee city of the US and has been imported with the