It’s not every day that you can witness celebrity chef and restaurateur Gordon Ramsay consuming something legit repulsive and still not saying a word. The acid-tongued chef, who is known for his explicit vocabulary, piercing remarks, and scathing opinions recently

According to latest reports, hosting parties in South Delhi may not be as easy anymore and might also cost a lot more. The SDMC has just submitted a proposal that could deem it necessary for caterers to procure a legit

Chicken pickle is delicious among all the non-veg pickles.These pickles can be made at home quite easily. Chicken Pickle is an exotic tasty mixture of varied spices with chicken pieces.

If you like carbonated beverages, raise your hands! Now, if you’re scrolling with your toe right now then you’ve probably at least once in your lifetime cringed on one of the following questions asked at restaurants: “Sorry, we don’t have

Holi is the most colourful day of the year and thankfully this year it’s falling on a Friday making it a long weekend. So to have a mini escapade from the city and also have a Holi Bash, head to

Goan Nevri, also popularly known as Neveri, is a widely gobbled Goan dish that eventually caught on with the Maharashtrian palate as well. Usually whipped up during the festive season, the Goan Nevri is a steamed gujiya or karanji stuffed

Bhang was the ultimate traditional way to enjoy Holi but hey, why not give a Holi spin to our favourite spirits? That’s exactly what these bars in Mumbai have done and we’re sure you’re going to love these special drinks

This classic brandy cocktail may be a little complex if you just look at the ingredients but Imbibe has broken it down pretty well so we beginners can try it out too. Print Recipe Chicago Cocktail: Cognac, Cointreau & Bitters

Holi is one of the most popular festivals celebrated across the country and it involves so much excitement! The festival of colors, frolic and lots of fun is here and Glocal Junction has a lot to offer. This Holi indulge yourself

It’s the most colourful time of the year and along with the colours of Holi we love the multitude of flavours when food is in front of us. Each dish has its own colour, its own story and the warmth,

Haven’t met a loved one in a long and need a reason to catch up? Or emptied your wallet on Valentine’s Day?Well, Hard Rock Cafe has got your back! Extending the day of love to the entire month, Hard Rock

Even if you’ve never been to a Dairy Queen (like many of us here on the Indian subcontinent) you’ll have heard of their famed Blizzards. A real (not at all mythical) drink that you can turn completely upside down without

With Patanjali announcing its plans to enter the fast food market in India, it looks like Himalaya Food has beaten them to the punch with its new brand BURGERS’N’FRIES. The tagline? “It’s not junk food!” The company has further plans of

Environmentally friendly is the new catchphrase from bans on plastic bags to recycling rewards, and it looks like Starbucks is listening. The famed coffee giant, with the mermaid logo recognizable the world over, will be testing a paper cup fee

The Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) says that it knows that people don’t mean any harm but the feeding of fried food to the migratory birds should stop. A report by the Hindustan Times says that they will be writing

According to a report by The Hindu, a new food court has recently come up within the Eco Park located in the Chetpet area of Chennai. The park is visited by many for activities like boating and angling and now

Love the wafting aroma of sweet corn with a dollop of butter and a little masala when you visit the market? Now get the same flavour at the comfort of your home with this recipe in Hindi. Plus, you get

Imagine a cup of piping hot steamed corn kernels seasoned with some salt and pepper. Delicious, right? Now imagine that exact same corn stuffed in bread pockets and deep-fried to golden-brown crisp perfection. Your buds did that drool-y thing now,

Rasmalai is an easy and delicious sweet recipe which is loved by almost everyone. This scrumptious dessert is quite popular in Indian households and is made during various festivals and special occasions.

Dairy products inevitably find a way into our daily diet, unless of course you are on dairy-free diet. One such omnipresent dairy product is curd/yogurt, which is known for its many healthy and nourishing properties. Yogurt in all its forms