Colombo-based Shangri La hotel opened its doors to the public late last month. With a colossal inventory of 500 rooms and a picturesque property overlooking the Indian Ocean on the One Galle Face location, this Sri Lankan landmark has a

Spicy and tasty mutton gravy which taste so delicious and amazing with roti, rice or pulav.Enjoy this spicy and lip smacking mutton gravy!!

Simple and delicious cake made healthier with pomegranate seeds. Can be served as a coffee cake or after-dinner dessert and stays moist even days after you make it.

No, you can’t say cottage cheese.  Cheeses come in a variety of flavours and kinds. From a pleasantly salty cheddar to a deliciously pungent blue cheese, there is a flavour to suit every palate. Moreover, all these fermented milk blocks

Make delicious Kadhi with this simple recipe in Hindi and relish it with steamed rice or hot roti. To add pakoras to the kadhi click here to see the pakora recipe in hindi. Print Recipe Besan Ki Kadhi Recipe In

Khakhra Recipe

Gujarati snacks or farsan as they are collectively known, are often romanticized with crunch, spice and heavy duty nomenclature. But nonetheless, there is no craving a dhokla, khandvi or khakhra cannot satiate. So lets try and make some starting with

Snickers prices must surely be going down because the internet is going bananas over the candy cane pizza. Made by David Sanchez belonging to Chicago, the pizza has received a lot of flak from the internet. The Sweet And Disgusting

Remember Oreo’s new mystery flavour that was revealed last week? If you had guessed Fruity Pebbles, you were right. Now, that’s not it. Oreo has just announced a deluge of new Oreo flavours coming very, very soon. Coming Soon! Limited

When it comes to whipping up homemade holiday menus and healthy comfort meals, not a lot of celebs match up to the Kardashian sisters. Especially the eldest Kardashian – Kourtney – who has been kind enough to share with the

Chocolate loaf cake is very chocolatey, very moist, very rich and very versatile – perfect! We enjoy this cake for breakfast with coffee, after lunch, and after dinner.

Chennai’s very own vibrant informal dining restaurant, Courtyard by Marriott serves international cuisine with a special focus on authentic South Indian flavours. Their menu caters to guests from all over the country, and as well as to the people of

Kebabs do not need an introduction but they totally deserve one! The word could mean a lot of things but it predominantly represents the Middle Eastern meat dish made using a variety of techniques and ingredients. Although, a typical kebab

Egg Podimas Recipe

Egg Podimas/poriyal is a very easy and simple stir fry made with eggs. It goes well with rice, bread and chapati. You can have it for breakfast, lunch, as evening snack, in between meals when you feel hungry or for dinner.

Jhal Muri Recipe 

Jhal muri is a famous crunchy munchy Indian snack which is quick & easy to make at home. It is made with puffed rice, cucumber, carrot, tomato, spices and the special ingredient is mustard oil.

Whether it’s a great meal you need at home or a need to kick back and relax with tantalizing bites, we’ve got it all this week. You can even groove to kickass music if that’s what perks up your work

It’s December already, and it was like just yesterday that 2016 was a day old. But nonetheless, it is the happiest time of the year with the gift shops and candy shops gearing up for a merry merry Christmas. Like

Food kiosks or the beloved thelas as they are fondly called, are merely restaurants on wheels or a niche in the wall rolling out delicious food. If you are on for hopping from one kiosk to another and saving on the


If you’re a big fan of dropping a lemon wedge into your cold beer then you’ll definitely want to try this recipe. The Chelada, courtesy of The Spruce, takes your light lager beer to a whole new dimension. Print Recipe

Ever since demonetisation, the highway liquor ban, and GST the world of F&B has been a bit up in the air. However, as stabilization returns, Lite Bite Foods is looking to put its name on the stock market within the

We’re well into the festive season and ugly sweater competitions are the norm rather than the exception. Luckily, you can put your ugly sweater to good use on December 12th as Chipotle is offering up free queso on the side