Coffee is a popular beverage around the globe and what chai is to India, coffee is to the Middle East. “It is a part of our heritage. The way we have been brought up, coffee has always occupied a vital

It’s 2017, yet surprisingly (unsurprisingly?) you don’t have to look far to see sexism rear its ugly head in everyday life. From siblings trying to ‘toughen up’ their younger brother, to your mother telling you that “Girls shouldn’t use that

We all know SodaBottleOpenerWala as that delightful restaurant with an Irani Cafe feel and killer Parsi food. However, they are also home to some amazing ‘exotic’ (their word, not mine) cocktails with quirky names that sound oh, so delicious. The

Food as art is a concept that has been explored a lot more in this day and age. From the intricate avocado art to those sushi pumps that keep popping up on our newsfeed, food art is gorgeous (not to mention,

If you were planning a holiday to Goa during the festive season and imagined leisurely sipping beer on the way to breakfast (oh, is that just me?) then think again! Goa’s Chief Minister, Manohar Parrikar has announced that the government

In all the fuss over the new pumpkin spice everything (literally) we almost missed the news that Cheerios are dropping a chocolate peanut butter flavour! So, if you’re a serial cereal lover with a love of PB and chocolate then

The first thing that comes to mind when you walk into No Strings Attached, or NSA for short, is how adorable it is. Situated in Adyar, this pleasantly purple kiosk is all decked out in rope lights and high chairs.

On Bella’s first date with Edward she ends up ordering the first thing on the menu – Mushroom Ravioli. She’s eager to talk to him and clearly food is the last thing on her mind but its the first on

Last week, Ali Fazal and Judi Dench starrer Victoria & Abdul hit theatres in the United Kingdom. Directed by Stephen Frears, the movie revolves around an unlikely but devoted bond between Queen Victoria (played by Dench) and a young clerk

The week gone by saw some interesting food and beverage related polls that included everything from snacks to everyday staples. From taking your pick between different kinds of wines and a variety of cakes to voting for your favourite nuts

Fajita is a popular Mexican dish that consists of grilled meat usually served as a taco on a flour or corn tortilla. As is true with most Tex-Mex dishes, fajita too scores high on spices, peppers, and strong flavours. The

Summer is slowly wearing off and we can almost feel the onset of the colder months. And along with that come a bounty of beautiful festivals and, of course, food. Kicking off the season of the great Indian festivities is

We all hate Mondays and Tuesdays, oh well, all work days. But, we’ve always got ways to take a pause, have delicious food and crazy cocktails and rejuvenate! Here are some awesome places you can go and do just that!

In the US during September, everything edible is covered in pumpkin spice or has a pumpkin spice. Easy-to-use products are always there to make it possible for the commoners to use the flavours in homemade dishes. Simply Beyond Food has

Tamtik is brand founded by two mothers and friends. Liat Zvi is an environmentalist and a former ad executive and Anat Errell is a product manager and they have made the chocolate maps of New York, Tel Aviv and London

Twilight books has a more than just blood-sucking vampires, its got mentions of delicious food that’ll make your stomach rumble. Especially the dishes that Bella makes at home. This one is a recipe of the enchiladas she makes as she

Salads are an excellent way of staying on top of your health game. They are nutritious, delicious, sumptuous, and super easy to make. And what’s the best part? You can take a classic salad and tweak it to match your

The wafting aroma of the Galouti Kebabs at the live counter and the freshly tossed tandoori rotis tempted us to wait for nothing and delve straight into the feast. Such was the grandeur of the royal Awadhi feast prepared at

An electrochemical biosensor developed by the Complutense University of Madrid can detect horse meat adulterating other meat like beef in an hour. The biosensor can detect the adulteration with only 0.5% (w/w) of horse meat. The biosensor can pick up

Don’t rub your eyes, you read that correctly. The study conducted at UBC’s Okanagan campus have shown that poultry that was fed vegan and organic feed actually help in producing eggs with a lesser environmental footprint as compared to non-organic