You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t like Nutella (just FYI they do exist). So, when we heard the news that Nutella chocolate bars had dropped in the UK we immediately made plans to immigrate. Just kidding! We were

With Sheldon’s numerous restrictions comes his obsession like not eating Thai food with chopsticks and using the fork to put food on the spoon. This can bewilder anyone but her sure has patient friends. This recipe is inspired from Sheldon’s

The Mandarin Chinese term ‘Ni Hao’ is used as a greeting, which means ‘hello’, however, it literally translates to ‘you good’ in English. And ‘good’ would be an understatement if we had to describe the latest addition to Noida’s Chinese

A tikki is a deep-fried or pan-fried Indian cutlet usually made with mashed potatoes mixed with chopped vegetable and mild spices. The preparation takes various forms across the different regions and kitchen of the country. One such variation is the

We have an excellent selection of craft beers from around India! From classic real ales and stouts to popular IPAs and pale ales you can buy individual bottles to try something new or our mixed beer cases are a great

The weekend that went by saw a massive star-studded gala in Los Angeles, a.k.a. the 69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, which hosted and honoured a number of popular television stars. The awards ceremony was followed by one of 2017’s most

After being a popular ingredient at Chipotle made out of pork and chicken chunks, chorizo is being phased out by the food chain as reported by Eater. Instead the food chain is focusing on its newly introduced dip – queso.

Going by our previous quiz on ad commercials, you may think that we are big on marketing jingo and branding. But aren’t we all? And isn’t that the whole point of marketing a certain product – to make it an

Well, it’s past August 31st, so it’s officially the season of thanks and giving (see what I did there?) and colder weather (not the amazing song). Try out this Apple Cider Hot Toddy by Cookie and Kate to warm the

Navaratri is the time that marks the end of monsoons and the beginning of a grand festive season. The fervour of Dandiya, Falguni Pathak concerts, fasting, aartis and a whole lot of fun is guaranteed in the city. If you’re

Coffee is a popular beverage around the globe and what chai is to India, coffee is to the Middle East. “It is a part of our heritage. The way we have been brought up, coffee has always occupied a vital

It’s 2017, yet surprisingly (unsurprisingly?) you don’t have to look far to see sexism rear its ugly head in everyday life. From siblings trying to ‘toughen up’ their younger brother, to your mother telling you that “Girls shouldn’t use that

We all know SodaBottleOpenerWala as that delightful restaurant with an Irani Cafe feel and killer Parsi food. However, they are also home to some amazing ‘exotic’ (their word, not mine) cocktails with quirky names that sound oh, so delicious. The

Food as art is a concept that has been explored a lot more in this day and age. From the intricate avocado art to those sushi pumps that keep popping up on our newsfeed, food art is gorgeous (not to mention,

If you were planning a holiday to Goa during the festive season and imagined leisurely sipping beer on the way to breakfast (oh, is that just me?) then think again! Goa’s Chief Minister, Manohar Parrikar has announced that the government

In all the fuss over the new pumpkin spice everything (literally) we almost missed the news that Cheerios are dropping a chocolate peanut butter flavour! So, if you’re a serial cereal lover with a love of PB and chocolate then

The first thing that comes to mind when you walk into No Strings Attached, or NSA for short, is how adorable it is. Situated in Adyar, this pleasantly purple kiosk is all decked out in rope lights and high chairs.

On Bella’s first date with Edward she ends up ordering the first thing on the menu – Mushroom Ravioli. She’s eager to talk to him and clearly food is the last thing on her mind but its the first on

Last week, Ali Fazal and Judi Dench starrer Victoria & Abdul hit theatres in the United Kingdom. Directed by Stephen Frears, the movie revolves around an unlikely but devoted bond between Queen Victoria (played by Dench) and a young clerk

The week gone by saw some interesting food and beverage related polls that included everything from snacks to everyday staples. From taking your pick between different kinds of wines and a variety of cakes to voting for your favourite nuts