If your bank balance has been exhausted by all the weekend partying (ordering food in) but you still wanna do something to get rid of those Monday Blues have no fear because Bar Bar is here! Introducing MWP Mondays at

Scoring the freshest and best seafood is almost as important as having the option of picking it from a wide variety. Because what’s the fun in settling for whatever is available in the market only because it’s fresh? Lucky for

Oktoberfest is here with drinking games, kick-ass music and of course overflowing beer and alcohol. So get ready to celebrate Oktoberfest at these six awesome places in Mumbai. Old Wild West Enjoy the Beer & Burger Festival at Old Wild

It’s the time for all things fall and nothing says autumn like apple pie does! This Moscow Mule by The Cookie Rookie with an apple pie twist is the only thing you need to get your Thanksgiving party started! Print

Sugarfina has partnered with the makes of Hello Kitty for their line called ‘Sanrio Loves Sugarfina’ according to reports by Popsugar. Sugarfina describes the line as “an adorable collection of Candy Bento Boxes and Candy Cubes inspired by Hello Kitty

Food delivery accounts for a major chunk of the food and beverage industry (because let’s face it, deep down we’re all just a bunch of lazy bums). And with services like Swiggy, Zomato, and Foodpanda, we can eat whatever we

This Sunday, the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles will be brimming with the who’s who of primetime television at the 69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. The award ceremony will honour the best of our favourite TV actors as chosen by

As reported by KDVR, Deanna Salas-Solano from Denver has sued Starbucks claiming that the hot tea caused her serious injuries and killed her dog. She said that the tea bought from a drive thru didn’t have a hot sleeve that

We’ve all been subjected to the onslaught of memes declaring autumn’s arrival and the shift to all things pumpkin spice (yes, even all the way here in India, where we don’t even have seasons). While we may not have fall

As Indians, we’ve become increasingly experimental when it comes to food choices. Blame it on the internet or on the rise of millennials but there is just no disputing that our tastes have been broadened. However, we’re not always able

The actor Meghan Markle who plays the role of Rachel Zane in Suits loves food in both reel and real life. So here’s a chicken adobo recipe that she recommends is a perfect dish for a heartwarming Sunday brunch! Print Recipe

Oreo has seriously been stepping up its game in the last couple of months. From their amazing contest to their latest tie-up with Cadbury, this cookie means business! And their latest product proves that! Oreo has teamed up with Milka

Not much needs to be said about a dish that has ‘disco’ in its name, but allow us to divulge the description of this awesomeness that is the disco chicken. Commonly also known as maple rum chicken, the preparation packs

The amount of happiness a bottle of wine induces within ardent wine lovers is unmatched. Especially if it is the kind that they absolutely love. And also at the right temperature. With the right kind of food. But while no

Well, we’re already in mid-September which is basically October so why wait to celebrate, arguably, one of the best festivals in the year and it last for a whole month! Yep, we’re talking about Oktoberfest, and thanks to the Radisson

Honestly, we can’t remember the last time I went to a market to specifically purchase something, because thanks to online shopping, there is an app/website for buying everything. Except maybe a few things, like alcohol. But that’s not entirely true.

Cinnamon Toast

Nope, it’s not like french toast but is, in fact, a delicious cocktail that you’ll want to recreate many times for your tasting pleasure! Try out the Cinnamon Toast from Delish and we guarantee this will soon be one of your

There’s no limit to a foodie’s platter and this weekend we’re going to give you a huge variety to choose from in and around Mumbai. Check out these 9 awesome places and explore the one that appeals to you the

Brooklyn Bugs has organised a bug festival recently and many elementary children showed interest and actually enjoyed eating bugs. As reported by NPR, a student Holly ate a cricket and smiled saying, “It’s good!” David George Gordon , author of

Yes, we’re talking about the election campaign that got the world buzzing about the fate of the United States of America. Now, it’s not an easy task to run for President, so it is essential to remain well fuelled at