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Stroganoff is a Russian preparation made with meat chunks cooked in a creamy sauce and served with boiled egg noodles, pasta, boiled mashed potato, or breads. Usually made with beef, the stroganoff can also be made with lamb or even

Kung Pao sauce is such a popular and classic sauce that every chef has their own interpretation. It can be extra spicy, more savory, or syrupy. The version I like the most is the type that balances savory, sweet and spicy with a gentle numbing sensation and a little extra sour kick.

If you’ve been craving some good North Indian Food then we have some fantastic news for you! Four Points by Sheraton, Whitefield is debuting Coyla – Cebabs and Curries, for an authentic North Indian fine dining experience. Bonus points if you

This popular mixed drink is so delicious and is so easy to make, that you may find the Sea Breeze quickly becoming your favorite cocktail fix. A spiked fruit punch with just a hint of tart citrus in the background the

We’re all familiar with the big fat Indian wedding. However, this wedding in Hyderabad took their wedding to the next level with 24K Gold Rice – and yes, there is video evidence. The YouTube video below is being widely circulated on

The rush to catch a Mumbai local or the constant rejection by the rickshaw-wala can take a toll on you. Eating right becomes all the more necessary to counter the daily wear and tear. But how do we know whether

It doesn’t look like the on-going farmers’ protest at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar, which has been carried out by Tamil Nadu’s farmers for days now, is going to come to an end anytime soon. And the farmers’ agitation is getting more

It’s common knowledge that your eating habits affect your health, hence we all try and make the effort to eat healthier when possible (keyword, try). However, it turns out that perhaps your diet could be causing, ahem, external problems as

Amazon has recently acquired Whole Foods and Frito-Lay is hoping to tap the organic food market using their ‘Simply’ product range. The PepsiCo division currently has 11 chip varieties under this range which have no artificial ingredients. This includes Lay’s,

Yesterday Spain hosted the world’s biggest food fight, a.k.a. La Tomatina. Yes, the very same one that involves painting the town red with squashed tomatoes. The annual food fight was held a few kilometers away from Valencia, Spain and more

A new research has found that caffeine tampers with our taste buds and can make food taste less sweet. The effect is however temporary but can lead to sugar craving as the food may seem a little bland after having

A few months ago, actor Saif Ali Khan was scouting the streets of Old Delhi and brushing up his cooking skills to shoot for a Hindi remake of Jon Favreau’s 2014 food-centric flick Chef. And finally, the trailer of the

Harry Potter never got sweets as a child, at least that was the case while living with the Dursleys. On his way to Hogwarts he buys plenty of new sweet treats for himself and shared them with Ron too. Here’s

Slow cooked lamb

Slow cooked lamb breast

Baba Ramdev and his FMCG baby Patanjali Ayurved Ltd. are not going to leave any business untouched. The company’s next venture is a packaged drinking water line, which is as high on divinity and purity as it can be. Ad

No trip to Bengaluru is complete without a trip to Plan B! This legendary pub boasts of greasy pub food and world famous (I’m not exaggerating) wings. The best part is that now they’ve expanded their outlets from two to

1.Chili Potato Recipe A simple and easy Chili Potato recipe that is perfect to use up leftover chili! 2.Potato Bhaji Recipe ‘Bhaji’ is a generic term used for a dry vegetable dish. A bhaji could be made using any and

We have said this a million times before and we reinstate the fact that pasta is awesome, and more so because of all the delicious and amazing variants that can bee cooked using the dough, meat, and sauce. From a

Baby corn dishes are loved by all. This baby corn pepper fry is a very easy to make dish which can be served as a side dish for rice or as an appetizer. It is a very simple dish which can be prepared in less than 20 minutes.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of months, you’ll know that Ikea is coming to India and we couldn’t be more excited. What’s more exciting than putting furniture together, well, you know eating. Ikea has