We really don’t need any more pictures, videos, or statements to prove that Justin Trudeau is the best Prime Minister there is on the North American continent (ahem). But will that stop the man from indulging in more people-friendly gestures?

Dahi chicken is a very tasty as well as a healthy recipe. It is a delicious chicken recipe. So, just follow these simple steps to prepare it at home.

Kada Mutta Recipe

Kada Mutta Roast- Kerala Spicy Quail Egg Pepper Roast, is a great dish with dry and spicy gravy and is popular mainly in Kerala. Is a quick and easy starter, appetiser or can served as a side dish. It involves hard boiled quail eggs and flavorful pepper based masala. It can be served as a side dish along with phulka, paratha, appam or even with rice.

Methi Gosht Recipe

Indian spices and herbs are nothing short of magical. The bunch of flavoring agents can give the most unique of taste and aroma to any vegetable, fruit, or meat. Apart from using all the masalas together – like garam masala

1.VEG CHILI MILI RECIPE ‘Veg Chili Mili’ sounds like something an Indian family would call their kids (no offense). Sans the ‘veg’, of course. But even though chili and mili would make for really adorable kids, their edible namesake is

Palkova Recipe

Palkova Recipe is a popular South Indian milk based sweet recipe that is made just with two ingredients and can be prepared in a jiffy.

This chocolate cake recipe is delicious. We love a buttery and dense pound cake, but we thought a chocolate version would be even better so we folded lots of dark cocoa into the batter to give it a deep chocolate flavor. After the cake is baked and cooled, it’s drizzled with a chocolate glaze made from semisweet chocolate, cream, and a bit of corn syrup to keep the glaze gooey and shiny. This moist, rich, yet lightly textured cake makes a great hostess gift or is right at home on a holiday dessert table.

Solution : The key is to buy proper mushrooms and make sure that you don’t just pick the first packet of mushrooms you find in the store. Examine them properly and if you can, check them all nicely so that

World Food India (WFI) is an annual food exhibition organised by the Union Ministry of Food Processing Industries. The food fair brings together the best of Indian food entrepreneurs, manufacturers, retailers, and, of course, Indian food under one expansive 24,000

The first time I chanced upon the British show Come Dine With Me I was hooked (the narration is literally everything). Four strangers, all from vastly different walks of life, take turns hosting a meal to compete for 1,000 pounds.

The drinkers of ale, lager and freshly brewed beers never needed an excuse to grab a cold one. So come fellow beer lovers, let’s raise a glass to celebrate the best gift to mankind – beer. Head to these awesome

In the spirit of calling a spade a spade, this cocktail is merely the tequila version of the Manhattan. Named after Mexico’s largest city, the Distrito Federal Cocktail tastes best when made with aged tequila (you know, preferably the ones

If you’re a massive fan of TGI Fridays (okay, but seriously, who doesn’t like Fridays?) and you have a taste for, ahem, alcoholic beverages, then you’re going to absolutely love this news! TGI Fridays is launching a second model –

It all began when Shantanu Mahanta and Sonal Saxena realized that Indian food is not receiving the larger representation and audience that it deserves. While many other cuisines are finding their footing in this country, eatwithIndia was born out of the

The Pastry shop, an exquisite patisserie at The Raintree, Anna Salai is hosting ‘For the Love of Cake’, for the guests to relish the specially baked, irresistible cakes and pastries. The delicious pastry products are example of innovation and the

Call me biased, but there’s almost nothing better than sitting on the beach, eating rawa fried fish and sipping a cold beer. Bengaluru is a land-locked city, so let’s be honest, it can be tough to find fish dishes that

Did you all hear about FreshMenu’s new magazine, Food For Thought? With the help of the agency, DontBeContent, it will be published once in every two months. It will cater to all your needs with regards to interesting global food trends. “Our motto

It’s probably a long debate between oenophiles as to which way of storing wine is better. While cork let’s the wine breathe by letting air come in and out, 20% wine is lost due to taint. On the other hand

With all the questioning and complaining about the quality of railway food, and with the many issues that have been on the rise, the railway board chairman, A K Mittal’s solution to the problems is to carry food from homes instead

With the rising issues of food safety, FSSAI has taken a serious approach to issues like safety and standards, including labelling of packaged products, which has led to a sharp rise in the number of notices, orders and guidelines issued