We all agree that airplane food isn’t the best. Whether it is due to scientific or biological reasons or simply because in-flight food is bad (barring a few exception of course), we’d rather just grab a coffee and sandwich from

We’ve all experienced the absolutely horrific dilemma of trying to choose between two items on a menu. Why don’t you just pick both you say? (hint: I do, it’s called a meal with your boyfriend. Jk.) I say waste not, want

Delhi is a mélange of a bunch of fragments, each with its own characteristic and each more vibrant, lively, and vivacious than the other. From the bustling streets of old Delhi to the studious lanes of North Campus, the Capital

Summer. That time in Chennai when the mercury goes on a trip and makes you feel like you will melt into a puddle at any moment. During this intense season it is very important that we make sure that we

Summer has really been difficult this year, and it’s not just the unrelenting heat. Demonetisation has left everyone’s pockets a little lighter (except the rich people, of course, the irony!). If you’re looking for a cool (literally, cool, you’ll see) way to get a bit of that summer buzz then we have just the cocktail for you! The Lava Flow cocktail not only looks amazing but is also a take back to those childhood summer days when mum used to force banana milkshake down our throats (oh, was that only me?). This R-rated version of the banana milkshake combines bananas, strawberries and rum! Did somebody say match made in heaven?

Tasty tomato treat Try out this classic southern snack that was a major part of the classic movie of the same name. Make a batch and spend a while with the ladies at the Whistle Stop Cafe Print Recipe Fried

The recent meat ban has caused problems of almost epic proportions in UP with serious felonies and lawlessness occurring in certain instances. However, this instance, while epic in its own way, luckily didn’t have as serious ramifications. A wedding in a

They say Hell is the worst imaginable place with stuff like Satan boiling people in hot oil, fiery hot floors, and the works. But not when you’re in Gordon Ramsay’s version of hell! Of course, the acidic tongue makes up

No, this is in fact not a joke, but I’m sure it’s not the weirdest thing you’ve seen on the internet these days. At times like these, the internet is indeed dark and full of terrors. There has definitely been

1.CHETTINAD STYLE CHICKEN CURRY RECIPE A delicious South Indian chicken curry recipe. 2.PEPPER CHICKEN CURRY RECIPE Enjoy a fiery chicken curry with appams! 3.MUSHROOM MASALA RECIPE Chettinad Mushroom Masala Recipe with step by step.Quick and easy mushroom curry , made

Summer (and humidity) is in the air so a tall glass of some chilled fruity mocktail isn’t exactly the worst thing. Especially, is it’s being shaken up by Yauatcha’s Chef Wang Yixuan! The fruit drink, christened the Tokyo Cooler, comes

Crispy shrimp tossed in a creamy sweet sauce and candied walnuts. This is so much better than take out and one of the best shrimp recipes.

The mango milkshake is one such popular recipe that people love to have in the summer! This quick and easy delicious recipe.

The market for agricultural and milk products is huge in India. However, there does come a divide when you move south, with a whole different bunch of players in the arena as compared to the North. However, one popular South

Yes, we are talking about a restaurant. No, we are not talking about circles in Kilpauk, Chennai. Eating Circles, the name of the restaurant is inspired by the shape of many Indian foods. So creative! We’re almost always eating cirlces

Guardians of the Galaxy  Vol.2 is just around the corner! Cannotable to wait! As we get ready to go on a swashbuckling adventure with our favourite misfits yet again.We thought we would give you a delicious cupcake recipe to add

Whenever I go for a meal, I know that the smallest thing can put me off. If I find a hair in my dish it’s game over, and I’m pretty sure many of you would feel the same (some of

We all know that nothing remains constant, and all things change. This is exactly what’s happening right now for Coca-Cola. The Coca-Cola Company and its Bottling Investments Group (BIG) have announced new leadership appointments for its India & south-west Asia

You may think that residing in the world’s most royal quarters and calling the Buckingham Palace home means having the best of chefs, recipes, and spreads at your disposal (maybe even a big Coke button like President Trump!). And while

Who said bags of chips were just air and some chips? Doritos just proved us al wrong by rolling out a bag that has chips, air, and, music! That’s right, the popular corn chips company launched a special musical bag