There is hardly a face in the Indian culinary sphere that is more recognizable than celebrity chef and culinary expert Sanjeev Kapoor. He’s back in the limelight after taking his company, SK Restaurants, forward in a massive expansive manoeuvre. The

Shopping for men (and I speak from experience) can be a hair tearing, thoroughly demanding experience. However, there are a few go to gifts that will please almost every man (and indeed, woman) and these include a premium bottle of

Vermicelli upma is a easy go to breakfast idea in many home. It is quick to make and taste delicious as well.

Easy Homemade Mini Corn Dogs – An easy, family friendly recipe that is perfect for dinner or as an appetizer!

A deliciously healthy recipe from Chef Rakhee Vaswani.

Gutti Vankaya Kura is a traditional Andhra-style brinjal curry that packs a gastronomical delight with strong Indian spices and a coastal hint with coconut paste. The dish features whole small brinjals slit halfway to allow a good amount of the

What do you do when your local fast food chain runs out of your favourite food, topping or sauce? Probably go home with your tail between your legs, dream about the food and go back earlier the next day. However,

Growing up in an Indian household eating a bit of silver on your meetha didn’t seem so wildly exciting or different at all. We may even use that dreaded word ‘mainstream’ to describe eating precious metals. However, for the people

What does a slice a 70-year-old cake taste like? You could find out for just a couple hundred pounds! Hansons Auctioneers in Etwall will auction a slice of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip royal wedding cake, which dates back

Parts of Uttar Pradesh have been in a state of disarray and turmoil ever since Yogi Adityanath was sworn in as the state’s chief minister earlier this month. The CM brought about a few tweaks here and there that are

If you’ve been reading the news, then you know that the world has suddenly become even more healthy than it used to be six months ago. Everybody is looking to eat healthy, getting rid of the saturated fat and other

Food trends are as volatile as any other trend, which is a great thing because how else would we go from raindrop cake to unicorn bagel in a year? Moreover, how would we every be able to snack on a

Folks in Hyderabad, there’s something special happening in your city. Swiggy has joined hands with The Thick Shake Factory to create a brand new shake that you can order via the Swiggy app. Aptly called The Swiggy Shake, the shake

If you’re tired of the restaurants in mainstream Bangalore and want to try out new and exciting options then Whitefield is the place for you. It’s far enough on the outskirts that everything isn’t the same old same old but

Just before James Quincey assumes his role as the global CEO of Coke, he hopes to talk to Prime Minister Narendra Modi about his planned sugar tax. Quincey will be in India next week. The Sugar Tax The Centre hopes

One thing that we can all agree on, is that street food is the best solution for any occasion (read: when you’re starving and broke). Unfortunately, sometimes it’s not always the most hygienic solution to offer to your hunger pangs.

Last December, the Supreme Court directed the Maharashtra state government to shut all liquor shops as well as cease and desist issuing liquor permits to hotels, restaurants and bars within 500 metres of national and state highways in Maharashtra. This

The Great Indian Kebab Festival has arrived in Chennai and it is going to be in the city all the way into the middle of April. And with it, comes delicious kebabs for vegetarians and non-vegetarians, special dishes that you

After two years of success, hyper-local delivery start-up, Genie is shutting shop. The Chennai-based start-up announced that the reason for the closure is because of the insufficiency of funds and lack of investor interest. The founders took to a Facebook

For everyone that enjoys the “occasional” tube of Pringles or enjoy the sinful pleasure of an entire packet of gummy bears, this news is for us! HyperCity Retail has announced its intent to focus on the growth of international food