Spring has sprung and restaurants and restaurant chains are going all out to celebrate. Dairy Queen, for instance has collaborated with Reese’s to create the Reese’s Extreme Blizzard. An Ice Cream Dream The Reese’s Xtreme Blizzard is made with ice

Party peeps, if you’ve ever mocked your geeky science nerd friends it’s time you eat your words. Turns out, science is conducive to drinking (WHO KNEW!) and this tequila rain cloud is proof. No, I’m not being metaphorical, this cloud,

Cooking suzerain and foul-mouth expert Gordon Ramsay may be popular for his twisted and stringent ways in the kitchen with shows like Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, The F Word, and MasterChef, but the chef just proved that he can be a serious

With spring showering us with a bountiful of vibrancy and food festivals, it’s time we geared up to kick of the season with some auspicious and great food, a.k.a. the Chaitra Navratra. To commemorate the nine-day long auspicious festival of

If there’s one thing that will never change it’s that Japan has some of the world’s weirdest and wackiest ideas when it comes to food. We might knock them down, but truly, they are quite spectacular. And we’re not talking

Last summer, New York and food trend spotters all around the world collectively lost their mind over a transparent blob of agar and gelatin, christened the raindrop cake. Foodies and Instagram enthusiasts headed straight to Smorgasburg to lay their hands,

Bread and egg is a staple breakfast treat. It is easy and it’s quick and it’s not as messy as cutting up a whole lot of ingredients. All you really need is bread and egg. But to make things a

Three ingredients is all it takes!

Citizens of Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, and Delhi unite! The Beer Café is offering (practically giving away) Bira 91 beers for just Rs. 9.1 and we are super stoked! I repeat, Bira 91 beers for just Rs. 9.1! We’ve been fans

Walmart has to be one of the most easily recognizable supermarket brands around the world (I blame Hollywood). Recently, Walmart India mentioned that they would be willing to consider opening physical outlets and selling products online. The only catch? New

Happy Friday, foodies! If you’re heading to Andheri this weekend, here are some of our favourite restaurants in the area you can enjoy eating at. Above & Beyond Above & Beyond is a newly launched all veg eatery in the

Pan-Asian food is a Chennai favourite. There are restaurants galore that serve different kinds of Asian food to fit into the Pan-Asian genre. But what makes Va Pho a different kind of Pan-Asian restaurant is the fact that they don’t

Most people would argue that food and politics don’t have much in common. However, that wasn’t the case in old Gurugram. As many as 500 meat shops including a KFC (Why KFC? You’re not even technically chicken!) were shut down

Yakult Danone India has announced that it has appointed Bollywood personality and businesswoman Shilpa Shetty Kundra as its brand ambassador. In Sync With “Shirota-ism” Danone India made the announcement in a press conference where it was outlining its plans to

A classic filling for crepes and very French! Makes a nice brunch or weekend breakfast.

Mini pizzas stuffed with pepperoni and mozzarella cheese turn into crispy waffles in this kid-pleasing recipe for a quick and easy snack.

In ‘The Blues Brothers’, John Candy’s character ass for three Orange Whips. The Orange Whip is a sweet cocktail made with rum and vodka. Make your own before you embark on some fundraising.

Spain and Latin America are popular for dishes that are rich in juicy chicken pieces and spiced rice, like the popularly consumed paella. One other such rice-chicken dish that is an original from Puerto Rico is the arroz con pollo,

Last year, Domino’s New Zealand used drones to deliver pizza as a test. Now, Domino’s in Europe are following suit with a plan to use self-driving delivery robots in Germany and the Netherlands. Pizza Carrying Robots The pizza carrying robots

In my opinion, nothing good can come from messing with a good thing, but messing with two good things? That’s an entirely different story. However, that’s exactly what the Chinese are going to experience thanks to Alex Cree’s epiphany to