The Great Indian Kebab Festival has arrived in Chennai and it is going to be in the city all the way into the middle of April. And with it, comes delicious kebabs for vegetarians and non-vegetarians, special dishes that you

After two years of success, hyper-local delivery start-up, Genie is shutting shop. The Chennai-based start-up announced that the reason for the closure is because of the insufficiency of funds and lack of investor interest. The founders took to a Facebook

For everyone that enjoys the “occasional” tube of Pringles or enjoy the sinful pleasure of an entire packet of gummy bears, this news is for us! HyperCity Retail has announced its intent to focus on the growth of international food

Mother dairy, a leading dairy company which also produces, markets and sells edible oils, fresh fruits, frozen vegetables and fruit juices has announced plans to step into the health food market. This is to meet a growing consumer demand for

This recipe for Key West chicken is perfect for summer grilling. This chicken gets its flavor from a delicious marinade that combines soy sauce

A Black Forest Trifle has the same components as a Black Forest Cake (Gateau); that is, chocolate, cherries, kirsch liqueur or kirschwasser, and whipped cream.

Santula Recipe

Let’s take a culinary trip down the lanes of Odisha with a classic Oriya dish called the Santula, a fried (bhaja santula) or boiled (sijha santula) vegetable curry dish from the east Indian state. The preparation uses a number of

If you’re a social media addict like I am, then you’ll know that there is always some food fad or another sweeping the internet like a storm and this latest one is no different. Crazy as it may sound, floating

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed this weekend and guess who was waiting to spring me with a bout of surprise and sheer happiness? Barefoot Contessa queen Ina Garten was smiling at me through my screen with possibly one

With spring showering us with a bountiful of vibrancy and food festivals, it’s time we geared up to kick of the season with some auspicious and great food, a.k.a. the Chaitra Navratra. To commemorate the nine day festival of fasting

Every year, the American Copy Editors Society gathers to discuss and debate everything from grammar to style to even the use of the Oxford comma. But what really is the focus of the conference is the Associated Press Stylebook, which

The week gone by saw some fun food-related opinion polls. From a variety of Starbucks’ latest organic, vegan, and gluten free additions to their exciting new spring menu to potatoes that can act as your messenger, there sure was a

It may come as a surprise that the vast majority of tea exported India is dependent on foreign brands to sell their tea abroad. Bala Sarda, wondered why there was such a lack of Indian indigenous tea brands. He knew

Swiggy, the popular online food delivery start-up, is apparently in talks with potential investors to raise at least $50 million in fresh funding. If this comes through, it will give the company a big boost over Zomato. This was reported

Believe it or not, this is not a joke. A temple in the suburb of Padappai has switched from traditional offerings of tamarind rice and sweet pongal to burgers, brownies, cracker sandwiches and cherry tomato salads. And if you’re wondering

Arun Ice Creams, Hatsun Agro Products has added new products to its portfolio, just in time for summer. Beat The Heat The new products are the Trio, Lil Bites and the Ripple Log. The Trip combines three flavours of ice

As a foodie, we’re sure you’ve heard of Julie Child, a woman credited for doing wonders for the popularity of French cooking. In the movie ‘Julie and Julia‘, Child’s genius recipes are brought to life thanks to Julia (Amy Adams)

Bruschetta is an Italian appetizer that consists of grilled bread(loaf,baguette etc) topped with tomato ,vegetables and cheese. Pav bhaji is a famous maharashtrian and Indian fast food,spicy and rich in vegetables. It is normally had with pav (buns) roasted in butter. I decided to give it a twisted by toppung pav bhaji on a baguette instead, and have it like a bruschetta.

Casseroles are a great meal. They make for excellent dishes to carry on camping trips, picnic, or even potlucks meals. The best part about casseroles is the fact that one dish can make for a complete meal and that too

Sometimes, when you’re enduring a long day at work or an uncomfortable dinner party with the in-laws you feel the need for a glass of wine. However, it’s not exactly appropriate at these times, isn’t it? Instead, thanks to the