Weed infused foods are becoming increasingly popular as more and more states legalise cannabis. In the past, we’ve seen weed wine, weed vodka and even marijuana infused coffee to give you that extra hit when you wake up. Now, somantik,

The weekend saw a long list of celebrities walk down probably most sought after red carpet in all of tinsel town at the 89th Academy Awards. And while the show brought along a fair share of paparazzi, glamour, happy tears,

Sitting atop one of South Delhi’s most happening fun and entertainment spaces, a.k.a. Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, there is now a new party hotspot. Behold the ultra glam and uber swanky Fashion TV Café! As the name reveals, the café

This might just be our favourite piece of news today. Japan has always had a way of infusing different elements that the country is best known for and creating something quite simple, but interesting at the same time. When you

Oreo is on a roll, would be an understatement because the sandwich cookie label is high on creativity and we would definitely like a bit of that. The creative drive, I mean. After launching and announcing the launch of an

If you’re a fan of mayonnaise, then you’ve definitely heard of Kewpie. It’s a Japanese mayo that is loved by one and all in the country. Think of it like how Vegemite is loved in Australia, Kewpie is loved in

is just around the corner and Starbucks is welcoming in the season with two new ombré drinks which have been added to its official menu. Meet The Drinks The two drinks are both macchiatos; the Iced Cinnamon Almond Milk Macchiato

The World’s 50 Best organisation released their list for Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants and lots of surprises and shockers were revealed. But more importantly, Thai restaurants were featured on the list, including “Gaggan” by Gaggan Anand, “Nahm” in Bangkok, “Suhring”

Ever since the Bandra Worli sea link was built, Worli has been considered the last part of South Mumbai. Therefore, before you venture into the ‘burbs, stop to enjoy a meal; here are the best restaurants in Worli. Barbeque Nation

Chennai is a city that is full of excitement, food and events that totally blow our minds. It’s very rare that you’ll find a part of the city that has just about everything you can ask for. Anna Nagar is

Summer is upon us, which means that we need to keep our hydration game up by drinking lots of water, juices and cool drinks each day. However, many a time when we’re in a mall or cinema hall, we’re forced

Anjeer barfi, figs and dates fudge that can be made in just 20 minutes

Bread dahi Vada with fruits has to be one of the easiest and quickest recipes. These are perfect for evening snack, kitty parties or for serving.

Fragrant basmathi rice cooked in coconut milk along with mild spices and vegetables. Star of this recipe, garnished with fried coconut and cashews.

This easy and delicious Spinach Mushroom Crustless Quiche. Quiche makes a comforting main dish for a family supper or a casual dinner party.

In My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Snips serves an oat smoothie “with extra hay”. We’re recreating that smoothie, but swapping out that hay for bananas.

Give your snacks a sweet and fruity twist with this chunky apple cranberry chutney that packs a zest flavoursome delight. The dip goes deliciously well with just about any snack, whether they are classic salted chips, fried chicken, or some

If you just can’t wait for St Patrick’s Day and green coloured treats to make their appearance, we’d suggest stopping at a Burger King outlet today. The fast food chain has just re-launched their Oreo Irish Mint Shake with a

Drew Barrymore is a doll and the most violent we’ve ever seen her is as one of Charlie’s Angels, so imagining her as an undead person who lives off human flesh was a little more than unbelievable. That was until

A few days back, social media went bananas over a video of a man kneading a huge amount of dough with his feet, and as the video pans out, the name of the establishment linked to this repulsive action also