We have a lot to thank the Italians for. They gave us pizza, pasta, tiramisu, risotto and a bunch of delicious dishes in between. When done right, in our option, Italian cuisine is one of the best in the world.

In a seed round of funding led by India Quotient and other angel investors, Delhi-based food ordering startup Ketchupp raised Rs. 3 crore. The platform gives users a chance to find food based on their dish preference instead of just

Milk Mantra, an Odisha dairy startup has secured an undisclosed amount of series D funding, which was led by the Neev Fund and also had investments form Eight Roads Ventures and Aavishkaar. Neev Fund is backed by the State Bank

Pineapple halwa is a pineapple flavored mouth watering sweet dish. A delicious dessert dish which can be served as a snack or after meal sweet!

Cabbage Kootu, a healthy and flavorful South Indian side made from cabbage and kadalai paruppu. Learn how to cook cabbage kootu in this recipe.

Crab sandwiches are delicate, so we prefer thin brioche toast with just crab, soft lettuce, a bit of creme fraiche, and some avocado.

Poori Masala Recipe a versatile wholesome breakfast dish. Potatoes cooked with onions, mildly spiced with hints of ginger, curry leaves.

        Print Recipe Fish Chowder Recipe President John F Kennedy reportedly loved fish chowder, a traditional New England soup. We know this because, when a young woman once wrote to Kennedy asking what he liked to eat,

Soya chunks are a fun, delicious, and healthy alternative to vegetables and certain meats. And although, there is nothing that can completely substitute the aforementioned, soya chunks also called nutria-nuggets) is the closest one can get. The ingredient can be

Recently, the internet and Nutella consumers worldwide were all a flutter when reports began to emerge that palm oil, an ingredient in the delicious chocolate spread may cause cancer. Before you fly into a panic, however, take a few minutes

Now that the FSSAI and NASVI have undertaken the task to redefine the street food scene of the Capital, it’s time authorities took it upon themselves to refine the hygiene and quality of food served at major fast food chains

If someone told me that I were to be part of a show hosted by either of the Jimmy’s (Kimmel and Fallon) or James Corden, I would prepare for it like an exam, toughen up my gut, brush up my

The week gone by saw an extensive range of polls. From picking out your favourite bowl of delicious piping hot soup to deciding what kind of bread, cookie, and pastry to pair with that cup of coffee, we sure gave

If you’re been seeing pictures of Cadbury Oreo Eggs all over the internet and wondering what the deal is, let us help you out. Because it’s a unique thing and we’re jealous. Canada has been selling and eating these delicious

Online grocery portals BigBasket and Grofers may be in talks to merge, according to a report from the Times of India. The report stated that the anonymous sources have revealed that the two online services have been in talks to

Last year, the Kerala government decided to implement a ‘fat tax’ which meant that junk food and fast-food restaurants and outlets around the state were paying an extra tax for serving food that is usually more affordable. Now, Prime Minister

New York Times food critic, Pete Wells recently compiled a list of the best ten dishes in New York. At the top of this list was ‘Eggs Kejriwal’, a dish that many a Mumbaikar is familiar with. Eggs Kejriwal: The

  Despite reports of declining sales in the world of soft drinks, Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt Ltd has announced that it will be investing Rs.1000 crore in setting up two new plants. This comes after the company recently laid the

In Enid Blyton’s books, the characters are always, always eating. In Five Go Down To The Sea, for example, the Famous Five enjoy a delicious high tea including a huge ham, ‘lashings of hard-boiled eggs’, a tureen of new potatoes and home-made salad cream. Today, we’re showing you how to make your very own salad-cream; toss it with vegetables or spread it upon bread.

Winter months call for a lot of warm and fuzzy things, one of the most comforting being a luscious bowl of soup. The dish sees a number of variations across different cuisines, countries, households, and kitchens. From the zesty Asian