Fast casual burrito chain Chipotle has announced that it will be giving free drinks with the purchase of any entree to students through September. This adds to a long list of freebies that Chipotle has offered to try and win

In the recent years, it’s become quite obvious that a lot of Indians don’t really know what the traditional food of their home state is. In a country that is filled with fast-food companies and a growing number of restaurants

It’s #DonutsPartyDay at Dunkin’ Donuts! After it’s amazing DunkyDoos offer, which is still on by the way, Dunkin’ Donuts has given us yet another reason to ditch our “bikini bods”. The donut mullah is giving 6 donuts free on the

Sula Selections, the import arm of Sula Vineyards will be bringing two new Australian wines to India; William Hardy Limestone Coast Chardonnay and William Hardy Langhorne Creek Shiraz. This adds to the list of Hardy wines that Sula already exclusively

If you’ve ever wondered why you have this overwhelming desire to consume large quantities of coffee every single day, we might have an explanation for you. Scientists in Italy say that they’ve identified a gene that makes people inclined to

Late last year, Asado, off SV Road in Bandra took a sabbatical and rechristened itself as Asado the Cocktail Street, where it shifted focus to a menu of exciting innovative cocktails. Included on the menu were Tiki Cocktails which combined

Delhi-based agritech startup, DayBox, has raised $104K in funding from Ashutosh Lawania (co-founder, Myntra), Rajul Jain (SVP Supply Chain, Myntra and co-founder,, Badal Malick (ex-VP Omnichannel, SnapDeal), Rishi Gupta (CEO, Fino Paytech Ltd) and six other angel investors, reports

No no, don’t worry no one died. Unless you call ‘sweating through every possible pore in your body and loosing all hearing, tasting and cerebral capability for a few minutes’ staying alive. Recently we saw a very adventurous gentleman dive

ITC Foods has added a new snack to their portfolio with the launch of Bingo! Tangles Masala Cheese. Bingo! Tangles is now available in the new Masala Cheese flavour, Masala Tangle, Salted Tangle and Tomato Tangle. Blending Indian And International

Print Recipe Homemade Mayonnaise This wonderful Italian way of preparing Eggless Mayonnaise is quick, easy and fabulously tasty. Take the perfect ingredients, mix them together and ta-da, there you have just what you need to add some zing to your

Ela Ada Recipe

Print Recipe Kerala Ila Ada Ela ada is a traditional Kerala dish made with rice flour, coconut-jaggery filling and then steamed wrapped in banana leaf. It is a very healthy and tasty dish which can be had as an evening

Pie is a recurrent metaphor in Supernatural – everyone who’s watched even one episode of the show knows about Dean’s obsession with pie. Sadly, he rarely gets to eat it despite constantly vocalising his obsession for it. “I hope your

And #SquadGoals too. The weekend saw a gala of lords and ladies from the music fraternity at the MTV Video Music Awards’ (VMA) white carpet that was laid out at NYC’s Madison Square Garden. The show in itself was a

The thought of making dinner after a long, tiring day can be frustrating. This is when you have to turn to easy recipes to do the maximum job for you. One such recipe is this super easy baked chicken. Baked

Ever wondered why the menu says 150/- but the bill demands 300/-? The simple answer to that is taxes. VAT, Krishi Kalya, Swachh Bharat, Service Taxes and Services Charges make up for a prominent chunk of restaurant bills. But two

Developing a taste for sushi is not everyone’s cup of tea. Especially when your first time was a little heavy on the wasabi. *painful flashbacks* But when you’re in the 21st century and food innovators and chefs are working overtime

Nintendo has been giving fans everything they’ve wanted for years and they continue to up the game by introducing the Kirby Cafe in Osaka, Japan. Take a break from all that Pokémon Go and take a seat at this adorable

Poha or beaten rice is very popular all over Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. It’s easy to make, light and still counts as a good hearty breakfast/tea time snack. Though you might get these street foods in any part of India

Mondelez International Inc, the maker of everyone’s favourite Oreo cookies and Cadbury chocolates has given up the pursuit of acquiring Hershey Co, two months after the US chocolate company turned down the $23 billion cash-and-stock bid. Hershey rejected a $107 per

As one of the original food delivery services in India, the Rocket Internet backed Foodpanda is eyeing new funding, but the sources are not revealed at this point. Last year, Foodpanda faced allegations of internal fraud and misappropriation of funds