Remember Gregor Clegan, a.k.a., ‘The Mountain That Rides’ from Game Of Thrones? Yeah, the fiery and horrifically scary head of House Clegane. For those who have absolutely no idea, the guy is huge. Like 7 feet tall and 180kg heft

Are you planning on hitting the shops this weekend? Allow us to recommend Oberoi Mall – located just off the Western Express highway in Goregaon it’s easy to get to and has a range of shops that cater to all

If Baahubali is putting on the muscle, can Bhallala Deva be far behind? Apparently not. Actor Rana Daggubati, who recently wrapped up shooting for Ghazi opposite Taapsee Pannu and Kay Kay Menon, is back to the gym. This time the

Hiking and camping can be considered as adventurous activities within the wildlife travel. These activities also help you to stay fit while enjoying the beauty of the nature. With diverse topography in the wildlife, you can enjoy the hiking and

When I was younger and I spent days with my nose buried in books, I always imagined what a coffee shop would really look like. I pictured a warm and cozy room with a fireplace, bookshelves for miles and a

If there is something to get compulsive about, we’d support Oreos being the focus. Started by three friends, #OreoCompulsiveDisorder came online on the 12th of February, this year. In the two months that they’ve been online, they’ve made quite the

The Place, in South Korea has introduced the most explosive dish of all time – Bomb Pizza. Unlike the other bombs, this one is good for you and also something you can’t bring yourself to look away from no matter what.

Now we know it’s officially summer. Of course, the burning sun and bucket loads of sweat were clues. But, what makes it official is a new ad from Pepsico’s Tropicana slice featuring – you guessed it – Katrina Kaif in

Pazham Pori Recipe

Pazham Pori or Ethakka Appam, a.k.a., Kerala-style banana fritters is a frequent member of Malayalee tea parties and chai times. The Kerala-based snack is easy and quick to make and delightful to devour. All you need is some rice plantain, maida

Jessica Alba, Christopher Gavigan, Brian Lee and Sean Kane’s Honest Co. has not exactly been honest to its consumers. The company, which emphasizes on non-toxic products, has been sued for including harmful synthetic ingredients in its baby formula.   Organic

McDonald’s, one of the world’s largest fast food chains, may be getting just a little bit healthier by adapting their popular chicken nuggets recipe to include more identifiable ingredients and remove preservatives. Going Preservative Free In an announcement, McDonald’s has

The only thing better than a weekend is a stay-at-home weekend. Add to that delicious food at your doorstep and you have the definition of ‘perfect’. Here are 10 delivery outlets in Gurgaon to jazz up your weekend.

Valentine’s Day might be over, but you can start planning for 2017 by funding this Kickstarter campaign from Noteworthy Chocolates. Founders Michael and Jennifer Sauvageau say that they’re using Fair Trade Certified chocolate with cacao sustainably sourced from Ecuador. The

Love eating out, but don’t like paying for it? We all love food and eating-out; let’s be honest, though, it can really break the bank. If you like the sound of half-price, buy one get one deals, and more at

Of course, we go to Goa for its beaches and its parties. But another thing, all Goa-going lovers enjoy is their local drink which is called Feni. Yes, Feni can vouch for a few memorable nights (or nights we can’t

Time for some exquisite ‘Seafood’ at the famous Waters Edge Café on Radisson BLU Resort Temple Bay, Kovalam Road, Mamallapuram. This weekend, 30th April and 01st May (Saturday & Sunday), will be the special “Coastal Cuisine Weekend”, which will have some fabulous seafood variety

The spirit world had a huge loss today. You’ve all had the wildly popular St. Germain elderflower liqueur at some point in your lives. Have you ever wondered about the man behind it?  Robert J. Cooper launched the popular spirit

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Seventeen years is a long time for a restaurant to thrive. It takes a special combination of factors to ensure a successful restaurant; great food, impeccable service, an appropriate ambience, attention to detail and that special ‘je ne sais quoi’,

In the last few months, Chennai has opened her arms to various different kinds of cuisines. From Maharashtrian to Parsi to Bengali, there’s so much more on offer these days. Whatever cultural cuisine you’re looking for, Chennai now has it. You