Leading Automobile Company Mitsubishi enters the Food Industry in India with 34% stake in Top Ramen noodle maker Indo Nissin, the Indian arm of Japan’s Instant Noodle maker Nissin Food Holdings. Although no financial details were disclosed the report says

You know those mornings when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and hate the world for no reason? A good hearty breakfast is what you need to drive that feeling away. You can’t really disagree with

Creamy Mayos, Spicy Edible Spoons, Bubblegum Cotton Candy and Mango Pickles. Our trip to the Market was an exciting one.  We’ll go through this stall by stall.  Posh Nosh Posh Nosh, by Aditi, with jars stacked so high, we had

People suffering from sleep disorders have some funny, although scary and oftentimes worrisome, stories that leave you laughing on the outside but praying for it to never happen to you on the inside. You’ve probably heard how someone went smack

If you’re not reaching for food within the first three seconds (or sooner) of this video, take our money. Heck, take our Food.  This is what feeling food-gasmic is all about. If the suspense is ‘eating’ you up, scroll down

India’s leading frozen bakery products and confectionary dough producer, Bakers Circle India Pvt. Ltd., recently raised $6million from private equity firm Gaja Capital and existing investor DSG Consumer Partners in its third round of funding. The company raise its first

Well, these guys obviously didn’t. Some of them did. But most of them were way off the mark. Who are we talking about? The folks over at BuzzFeed decided to conduct the ultimate test. Cheap Wine vs Expensive Wine. And they

It’s summer. Well it’s almost summer! The mangoes are going to be pouring in at the markets and homes pretty soon. And mangoes can go bad quickly if not eaten soon enough, well either that or you don’t get to

If you are wondering who the dream team is, we will tell you. Sriracha and Taco Bell have teamed up. We will repeat that. Legendary Sriracha Sauce makers and the world’s most popular Mexican chain have put their genius food

Print Recipe Great Boston! Flavourful beans that are just yum all by themselves. Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Servings MetricUS Imperial Ingredients 1 pound dry white beans 2 to 2 1/4 cups, soaked overnight1/3 cup molasses1/3 cup

Our generation is one that has to learn to cope with pressures from every part of our life. Sometimes it is work, sometimes it is personal life and other times it is societal pressures that lead to us not having

Gadgets make our lives easier. One quick whirl and we are rid of hours of peeling and cutting. A food processor would have been a thingamajig from the future for our grandparents. And now we have a dishwasher and a

A very passionate chef walked out of Malgudi to greet us at the entrance. Mr. Mohana Krishnan, the executive chef at Malgudi in Savera Hotel, believes that food is a perfect mixture of science and art. Every dish on the

Ask around and you’ll definitely hear that vegetarian food is bland or boring. But hand them a nice stuffed potato baked in its jacket or some scrumptious moist banana bread and voila, they’ll have their lips smacking! While being a

Do you dream to be an astronaut? If you have an intense love for cheeseburgers, then you might have to reconsider your career choice. Earlier this week, American astronaut and current inhabitant of the International Space Station Terry Virts put

Print Recipe Lamb Lovers An easy lamb recipe for those quiet but special family dinners. Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Servings MetricUS Imperial Ingredients 6 lamb shanks trimmed1 large onion thinly sliced4 cloves garlic minced3 cups beef

Garlic is found in almost every household in India. Remember how grandma would get you to pop a tiny clove of garlic when you were ill as a kid? That’s right, garlic has medicinal properties and when used in sufficient

Print Recipe Nutty-licious Burger Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Passive Time 60 minutes Servings MetricUS Imperial Ingredients 2/3 cup bulgur3/4 teaspoon Salt1 cup boiling water6 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil8 ounces white or brown mushrooms stems trimmed,

That you love four legged creatures is not new. That you own one is something really awesome. But sometimes it really gets annoying when all you want to do is go out but the restaurant won’t allow pets. It must

Ever wondered why it’s impossible to stop once you start on those delicious, crunchy, cream-filled, mouth-watering chocolate cookies? You’ve gone through the same thing we have, right? There’s wrong with you or us. There’s now a study that proves that