2015 Gave Beer Lovers Some Awesome Gifts: Here Are Our Favourites!

2015 was the year that beer took the spotlight – while craft beer gained an enormous fan following, beer giants Anheuser-Busch and SAB Miller merged. We thought we’d take a look at some of the other awesome beer developments this year that you should raise a toast to.

Hummus Beer


Hummus, one of the Middle East’s favourite staples was infused into beer thanks to Srigim, an Israeli microbrewery.

A Move Towards Vegan Beer

Understanding the changing needs of society, beer giant Guinness announced that they will be changing their 256 year old beer recipe to make it vegan friendly.

Beer Ice Cream


Ice cream maestros Ben & Jerry’s realised that what the world really really needed was a beer flavoured ice cream and they were only too happy to comply.



If you always wanted to give home brewing a try but weren’t able to get your hands on the fancy equipment and space then 2015 gave you the answer to your conundrum with the MiniBrew.

Game Of Thrones Beer


Ommegang re-released their popular Game of Thrones brews including the Iron Throne Blond Ale and Take The Black Stout.

The Comic Book Story Of Beer


True beer lovers were able to get their hands on the ultimate history of beer told in a fun, witty graphic form through The Comic Book Story Of Beer.

Beer For Dogs


After  a long, hard day’s work dog owners in the US can now come home and enjoy a bottle of beer with their pet pooch.

What beer innovation are you most thankful for?