20 Varieties Of Bengaluru’s Best Lamb Dishes To Cure All Your Meat Cravings

Lamb is our favourite type of meat. It gives us the satisfaction of hogging on succulent meat without feeling an ounce of guilt. A well-prepared lamb dish is better than anything else and we will fight you for that. We are always on the lookout for a good place serving the best in lamb shanks, curries, burgers and chops and, boy, have we got the right places for you to check out. 

1. Lamb Burger XXL at Truffles, Koramangala

Let’s start it off with one of our personal favourites, the lamb burger. If you are in and around the Koramangala area, make sure to check out the ginormous lamb burger served up here. The meat is tenderised to the core and marinated with the choicest of spices to give you that special bite.


2. Lamb Chops at Toit, Indiranagar

Although famous for its pizzas and fresh craft brews, Toit holds a special place in our heart for their mouth-watering lamb chops. The lamb chops is coated with spicy pepper sauce and topped it off with some fresh mint to give you a taste explosion. 


3. Chili Hoisin Lamb at Mamagoto, Indiranagar

The lamb gets a special Asian treatment at Mamagoto, with traditional spices mixed with vegetables in a spicy sauce.


4.  Mary’s Little Lamb at Smally’s Resto Cafe, Church Street

Mary did have a little lamb and it is quite delicious when placed inside a bun. Mary’s Little Lamb burger at Smally’s is the ultimate lamb burger with succulent meat cooked to perfection.


5. Turkish Lamb Kebabs at Arbor Brewing Company, Brigade Road

The lamb kebabs at Arbor Brewing Company gets marinated with traditional spice blends and is the perfect starter combination for the amazing craft brews at ABCs. 


6. Agnello Scottadito at Chianti, Indiranagar

An Italian variation of the grilled lamb at Chianti holds in the succulent juices inside the meat while grilled to perfection and served with a delicious roasted rosemary potato.


7. Lamb Seekh Kebab at Windmills Craftworks, Whitefield

The traditional seekh kebabs are enhanced with bombastic flavours from Indian spices and herbs and served hot right from the tandoor. 


8. The Patty Bao at The Fatty Bao, Indiranagar

The delicious baos gets a lamby kick with the appropriately named The Patty Bao. Minced lamb meat is cooked with a black bean sauce and served inside delicious and soft baos. 


9. Lamb Massaman Curry at Church Street Social, Church Street

The original Thai curry, Massaman Curry is all flavoured up with the addition of succulent pieces of lamb served with a heaping bowl of rice. 


10. Lamb & Sundried Tomato Pizza at Fenny’s Lounge & Kitchen, Koramangala

Let’s get pizzafied. The Lamb and Sundried Tomato Pizza at Fenny’s is the perfect alternative to the boring chain restaurant pizzas. 


11. Lamb Shanks at Smoke House Deli, Indiranagar

The Lamb Shanks at Smoke House Deli is made for the meat lover who has no qualms about finishing off multiple plates of the delicious piece of meat. The mashed potato served up with the shanks is just another dose of cheesy goodness to go along with it. 


12. Grilled Lamb Chunk Burger at Once Upon A Flame, HSR Layout

Succulent lamb diced into bite sized pieces marinated and stuffed inside a ginormous bun. What more can you ask for if you are a burger or a meat lover?


13. Lamb Tossed with Cucumber and Mint Salad at Millers Forty Six, Vasanth Nagar

After all the grills and the burgers, let’s go a little easy on the stomach with a nice cucumber and mint salad topped with succulent pieces of lamb. Although not as hearty as other dishes on this list, it sure is the much healthier alternative. 


14. Juicy Lamb Dumpling at Red Sun, Yeshwanthpur 

The most delicious variation of dumpling we’ve had in Bengaluru, the juicy lamb dumpling at Red Sun consists of minced lamb cooked in a spicy ginger juice. 


15. Lamb Cheese Burger at A Whole Lotta Love Cafe, Koramangala

The lamb cheese burger takes us back to those good ol’ days of after school burgers that used to go down quite easily. Although we have no intentions of matching those numbers, there is always a nostalgic moment when hogging on the lamb cheese burger at Whole Lotta Love cafe. 


16. Baby Lamb Chops at Portland Steakhouse & Cafe, MG Road

Don’t get fooled by the name, the baby lamb chops are not really of the same size that you are expecting. The exquisite lamb chops is delicately prepared and served up with a side of chilly mint chutney. 


17. Crispy Lamb at Yauatcha, MG Road

Yauatcha is famous for its amazing Asian cuisine served in midst of a elegant and luxurious decor. The crispy lamb at Yauatcha is almost as luxurious as the place itself, with succulent lamb pieces served with a side of raw mango for an unique combination. 


18. Lamb Burger at Peppa Zzing, Infantry Road

Peppa Zzing is famous for its steak dishes but we personally prefer their delicious lamb burger. The perfect burger for someone who is willing to forego the notion of diet and is more than eager to indulge in a big fat juicy burger. 


19. Lamb Grubber at The Grub Hub, Domlur

One of the main reasons, apart from the taste, why we prefer the Lamb grubber burger at The Grub Hub (that’s a mouthful) is because of their double lamb pattie option. The burger is absolute heaven with double the portions. What more can you ask for? 


20. Bacon and Lamb Burger at Connie’s Steakhouse, Kammanahalli

We have kept the best for last just for the sole reason, once again, for double patties but at Connie’s, the patties are topped with our other favourite meat item, the glorious bacon. If this is not the best way to end this list, then we don’t know what is.