20 Prawn Recipes To Lap Up This Week

Of all the seafood varieties and shellfish out there in the ocean prawns and shrimps are probably the most widely consumed. Whether it is in the form of a grilled kebab, a rich gravy, or even as an ingredient in a paella or biryani, the aquatic crustacean can be cooked in a number of ways. And needless to say, each is better than the other. But to ease out your confusion, we’ve picked out some of the best prawn recipes out there to try out this week. Take a look!

  1. Prawn Biryani


  1. Malai Prawn


  1. Tandoori Prawns


  1. Pepper Prawn



  1. Prawn Pie



  1. Thai Fried Prawn


  1. Prawn Balchao



  1. Prawn Roast


  1. Prawn Pickle



  1. Prawn Risotto



  1. Prawn Thokku



  1. Prawn Curry


  1. Chingri Prawn


  1. Prawns Lonvas

Prawn Lonvas Recipe


  1. Prawn Croquettes

Prawn Croquettes Recipe


  1. Prawn Vindaloo

Prawn Vindaloo Recipe


  1. Dry Chili Prawn


  1. Green Prawn Curry


  1. Chettinad Prawn Masala



  1. Prawn Pulao

Prawns Pulao Recipe