20 Places In Chennai For Some Spooky Food, Drink, And Fun

Halloween is right around the corner and clearly, everyone’s gearing up. Seems better than last year this time, with several places taking to themed parties, not just for the young and lively but for the family too. Yes, Chennai is warming up to the Halloween scene and we couldn’t be more glad, especially because we have another reason to get eating – yes, we’re talking themed food! Besides the costumes (that we hope you have ready), we’re looking forward to where we can go drown in spookiness and binge on all things themed “boo!” Let’s get ready to have a great, food-filled, Halloween in Chennai!

1. Illusions – The Madras Pub

Get your spook on at Illusions as they throw a fun Halloween party that you can enjoy with your friends. We hear there’s unlimited pours for the ladies and you can bet everyone’s going to be all dressed up to celebrate!

2. Spoonbill

If you’re celebrating Halloween with family this year, Spoonbill is the perfect place to go to. Their halloween parties are always filled with fun and games for the whole family, and little contests where kids can win prizes. Whee!

3. Bay Onefoursix

Dressing up this year, aren’t you? Head over to Bay Onefoursix and see if you have a chance of being titled “best dressed”!

4. Small World

We hear there are surprises for everybody at Small World, and we’re sure you’re curious to know what it really is. Well, there’s only one way to find out.

5. F-Club & Lounge

f bar
If you’re Halloween agenda is to party hard over the weekend with great drinks, bring your friends over to this place. Look out for some yummy themed food too.

6. High Time – GRT Grand

high time
Located in T.Nagar, High Time promises to throw a party with fun music, drink and food. I mean, isn’t that what you’re looking for after all?

7. Madras Square

madras square
Another perfect place for families to spend this Halloween weekend, Madras Square is hosting a night that you don’t want to miss. Something about chicken wings, games, and fun. Go over and find out!

8. Bobby’s Bistro

bobbys bistro
Bobby’s Bistro is bringing with them, this Halloween, a set menu that’s themed for the night. We’re only curious to find out what awaits at the table.

9. Burgundy’s at MRC

The weekend just keeps getting better. If you’re looking for a different kind of Halloween this year, one away from the parties and nightlife, feel free to sit down to a nice meal here that’s themed and probably matches the night’s set up.

10. Elixir

If you’re clocking in some mall time this weekend, round the night up at Elixir with some fun food, drink, and music!

11. The Moon and Sixpence

They’re all set for Halloween, we hear, and you should be too. If live music is what you’re searching for this weekend, these guys have a surprise performance by a popular local band!

12. Pasha – The Park

Mirchi Halloween night – that’s what happening at Pasha! And the cocktails are all decked up for the occasion. So, are YOU ready?

13. 10 Downing Street

This popular little bar in T.Nagar is loved by many and is the go-to hangout spot when you want food, drink, and fun. On a Halloween night, all of these just get better.

14. Waffles Thru The Day

waff thru the day
Games, prizes, family, kids, fun, costumes, and of course good food – that’s what’s up for Halloween at Adyar for all the families out there.

15. The Piano – Savera Hotel

Take things up a notch if you like, and visit The Piano for a magnificent Halloween night that’s being celebrated with 100 different dishes! Woah!

16. Purple Room – Clarion

purple room
A little dancing will do you good. So will a nice blood-red cocktail. Go on, it’s Halloween.

17. Chipstead

More spooky décor and food coming your way if you plan on heading over to Chipstead this weekend.

18. Gatsby 2000 – Crowne Plaza

gatsby 2000
Eat your Halloween food. Drink your Halloween drink. And party. Gatsby 2000 is set to throw a massive Halloween night and we can’t wait to see what treats are being cooked up in the kitchen!

19. Double Roti


Dessert lovers, this is your Halloween paradise. Double Roti has come up with some awesome Halloween themed desserts and we just can’t wait to try them!

20. Umami Kitchen

And finally, Umami Kitchen. This one’s special – for everyone who wants to take a long drive for the weekend and party in Pondicherry. They’ve got great food, so look forward to some Halloween specials!