20 Chocolate Desserts in Bangalore For The Chocoholic In You

Around 2 years ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the land of chocolates – Belgium. While at one of their many chocolate stores, I noticed this little sign and I thought, this should be the motto of all our lives. 

chocolate desserts
There’s always chocolate, don’t you agree? 

With this in mind, we give you a list of 20 chocolate desserts that you need to have at least once in your lifetime. 

Death By Chocolate at Corner House 

Oh, it is a sweet sweet death. If you’ve been in Bangalore and haven’t had Death By Chocolate or DBC as it is lovingly called, then you’ve clearly been hanging out with the wrong people. 

Chocolate Desserts - 1

Chocolate Shot at The Chocolate Room 

The name of the place says it all. This one is for the die-hard chocolate fan. 

Chocolate Desserts - 2

Balloon Brownie at Bliss Chocolate Lounge 

Even thinking about it makes my mouth water. This is a chocolate brownie that is covered in a chocolate half-spherical balloon. When the dish is placed in front of you, the waiter proceeds to pouring hot chocolate over the balloon, which results in a sizzling pool of chocolate melting over the brownie. Enough said? 

Chocolate Desserts - 3

Real Belgian Hot Chocolate at Haagen Dazs 

A rich mic of milk, whipped cream and Belgian chocolate in one indulgent glad. 

Chocolate Desserts - 4

Chocolate Hysteria at Art of Delight 

If you don’t go hysterical with happiness, then maybe, just maybe, you aren’t really into chocolate. Look at it, it’s a beauty. 

Chocolate Desserts - 5

Mississippi Mud Pie at Spoonful of Sugar 

A delicious velvety dessert with a crust that adds the perfect amount of crunchiness. 

Chocolate Desserts - 6

Molten Chocolate Cake at Smoke House Delhi 

You can never go wrong with a chocolate cake that has a molten centre which bursts in all its goodness as soon as you break it. But the one at Smoke House Delhi needs to be tasted to be believed. 

Chocolate Desserts - 7

Flourless Brownie at Dolci 

They have a variety of desserts at this cute little patisserie but their Flourless Brownie deserves a try! 

Chocolate Desserts - 8

Chocolate Momos at Wow! Momo

Wow! Indeed. Yes, you are used to spicy and steamed momos, but this is a unique take on a classic dish that will delight the chocoholic in you. 

Chocolate Desserts - 9

Chocolate Truffle at Aubree

This one will hold a special place in your chocolate heart. 

Chocolate Desserts - 10

MoBar Sandwich at Monkey Bar 

You might want to skip dinner if you choose to have the MoBar. Its a salted caramel ice cream sandwich, topped with whipped cream, gummy bears, pralines, and candies. 

Chocolate Desserts - 11

Willy Wonka Ice Cream at Cream Stone 

A chocolate mousse ice cream with hot sauce and a waffle base that will make even Willy Wonka proud. 

Chocolate Desserts - 12

Chocolate Fondue at Happy Ending 

It isn’t just cheese that can be had as fondue. Chocolate fondue has been a favourite among chocoholics for a while now. A must try for a Happy Ending. 

Chocolate Desserts - 13

Ferrero Rocher Cake at Truffles 

You’ve obviously had a few if not a box of Ferrero Rocher at some point in your life. Now, imagine that in a cake. 

Chocolate Desserts - 14

Chocolate Belge at BelgYum 

This Waffle House serves a killer chocolate waffle. This is a waffle topped with Belgian chocolate sauce and a dollop of ice cream. It’s absolutely out of this world. 

Chocolate Desserts - 15

Sticky Chewy Chocolate Fantasy at Swenson’s 

Swenson’s always has great ice creams but this one is a crowd favourite and for good reason. 

Chocolate Desserts - 16   

Chocolate Blood Bath at Church Street Social

Chocolate cake, cream, chocolate brownie, chocolate fudge, chocolate mousse, and chocolate sauce all in one big bowl. Why wouldn’t you want to try it?

Chocolate Desserts - 17

Dark Truffle Cake at Bengaluru Baking Cake

Beautifully plated, this dark chocolate cake will bring out the lover in you. 

Chocolate Desserts - 18

Bomba Di Cioccolato at Chianti 

This is literally a chocolate bomb and it blew me away. It’s literally one of the best desserts I’ve ever had. 


Hazelnut Creme Pot at Berry’d Alive 

Pots of hazelnut cookie filled with hazelnut milk chocolate, topped with delicate sweet cream. You need to taste it to believe it. 

Chocolate Desserts - 20