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20 Cake Fails That Will Leave You In Splits


We admit that it’s downright mean and nasty to laugh at other people’s mistakes and moreover call their hard work a fail. But how do you hold that laughter when Buzz Lightyear looks like he just traveled light-years and melted his face on the way or when ‘Valedictorian’ becomes ‘Valid Victorian’? Here are 15 cakes that defy the laws of common sense. And aesthetics.


  1. Will You?

But full points on obeying orders. They even put sprinkles on the sides!6d56a71cb4e81e3c9fa1cc316d13a24bfbd8dcdb


  1. Do you recall?

Oops! Looks like someone doesn’t rember their spellings.7d74828b9aaae6898c2f63c8d16bcf3abeb243ae


  1. Take a wild guess!

    The miracle of life is beautiful. Unlike this cake.60dd4dd4a99137b9e8d9d2743b52eb8a89ba331f


  1. A morrible histake!

No one. Not even people in galaxies far far away work for ‘Starprise Entership’5a7c76daee07b5d8bdae40b364bca6cfd4731df7


  1. Sorry Laura

So they got the degree and ‘congratulation’ right but a cap – not cat – on the head surely was rocket science.f477a784fad5c66d76655025f7abe4d19560f90e


  1. You got what you wanted

In all fairness, the ‘stars and sprinkle’ are there.d112e81f4f69e64233a2ce21dab17ae867639266


  1. To top it all

On the brighter side, Jeremy must’ve felt he’s above all.d22ffac91fa4b30974179ae678083fe508f10f32


  1. Why you no proffreed?

Full power to the baker for coming out clean about their vocabulary difficulty.9045283ecd7345b7e7d298ce6fdd1b1bfca200d1


  1. Face Ranger

Buzz Lightyear was unavailable for comments.b107f9d38633f5d7c33f4e0495bb2f8a1c465372


  1. Paranormal Cake-tivity

Some people really do hate babies!9ab64c52c57ab1aee50cc24a0844eb18cb110614


  1. I’ll meet you there

This was the cake the cast and crew of ‘Journey To The Center Of The Earth’ ordered for their success party.c38401973e7e0c6aebc136c62b2deefc2dbc7906


  1. Not again!

A small something you can give your dog for bearing with the water and soap.bafb8da22927ca847e5ff41df16c677695f32e9a


  1. C.C.

At least they got ‘CC’ right.50051c51ca22329847dbe622f2434d7bf4533f79


  1. Was there room?

Yes there was, plenty of it! 0bd5057d7cba3aa0ddc6a781cc90b11aaccf78f7


  1. Is this valid?

A celebrated saying from the antique shop for all the valid Victorian (era) items.931dc16cbd9f36b3b6698110f733ff2e442fe90c


  1. Err…

Yes, Shane did die. Laughing.sheamash


  1. The pen drive feels so special!Screen-Shot-2014-06-09-at-10.43.08-AM


  1. A bit too literal?

They wanted nothing on top.a98135_literal_5-nothing-1


  1. Say it!

So did they?a98135_literal_10-miss-you-1


  1. On your weeding day

You know who was high that day.cake-fail-22-1

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