20 Best Juices In Bengaluru For A Healthy New Year

It’s time to keep up with the New Year resolutions of eating and drinking healthy. After all, it is still the first week of the new year and we are still in a very particular energetic mood of keeping our resolutions in tact. The best way to make sure that you don’t divert from your resolutions is to indulge in fresh and healthy juices. 

Here are a few juices served in restaurants for a healthier version of you. 

1. Arabian Grape Juice at Juice Junction, St. Marks Road

The best place to kick back and have snacks and fresh juices during your lunch break, Juice Junction provides a variety of fresh juices made right in front of you. Try their Arabian grape juice for a tangy kick to your senses. 

Grape Juice

2.  Lemongrass Iced Tea at Tim Tai, Koramangala

The traditional Iced Tea gets an healthy boost with the addition of lemongrass.


3. Dry Fruits Lassi at The Purple Pan, Rajajinagar

Although technically not a juice, the Dry Fruits Lassi served at Purple Pan is too good not to include in the list. The delicious yoghurt based drink is accentuated by the taste of the dry fruits. 


4. Green Apple Cooler at Onesta, Koramangala

The green apple cooler served at Onesta is the perfect complement to their delicious pizzas. The health factor of the juice compensates for the hogging of the pizzas. 


5. Watermelon, Tomato and Basil Juice at Caperberry, Lavelle Road

A refreshing watermelon juice gets some added flavour with infusion of tomatoes and the flavours from basil. This juice served up at Caperberry is the perfect way to keep your body healthy. 




6. Guava Blast at Fenny’s Lounge and Kitchen, Koramangala

The Guava Blast is a combination of guava juice, orange juice, fresh cream, cinnamon and peach apricot crush making for a delicious and healthy version of regular juices. 


7. Lychee Cream and Pomegranate Juice at Berry’d Alive, Koramangala

The perfect blend of cream of lychee and pomegranate juice makes this juice served at Berry’d Alive a winner for all the health enthusiasts. 


8. Strawberry Lover at Hae Kum Gang, Brigade Road 

The combination of different berries makes this mocktail a perfect starter or a finisher among the food served at Hae Kum Gang


9. Lemon Grass Lemonade at Happy You Happy Me, Koramangala

The lemonade with the addition of lemon grass makes this juice an amalgamation of flavours. 


10. Breakfast Smoothie at Hole in the Wall Cafe, Koramangala

The breakfast smoothie served at Hole in the Wall cafe is a delicious and healthy combination of oats, banana, and flavoured strawberry. The perfect complement to the English breakfast served up here. 


11. Carrot + Orange Juice at Smoke House Deli, Indiranagar

The elegance of food served here is only taken up a notch with the wide variety of juices all too ready to play side act. The carrot and orange juice served at Smoke House Deli is our favourite with beautiful flavours playing around in a glass. 


12. Cocoom Juice at Mangalore Pearl, Frazer Town

Cocoom juice is made from the a special coast fruit called bindaan and the flavours in this speciality juice are tongue popping. 


13. Passion Fruit Juice at The Restaurant – Coorg, Indiranagar

The passion fruit juice served here goes well with the authentic coorgi dishes. Although the restaurant is only open on the weekends, it is still the best way to indulge in the variety of authentic dishes served here along with the flavours of the passion fruit juice. 


14. Tropical Fizz at Phobidden Fruit, Indiranagar

The tropical fizz is a delicious blend of soda, salt, lime and fresh herbs. It is the perfect drink for all you overeaters. 


15. Ginger Lime Juice at Dyu Art Cafe, Koramangala

The traditional lime juice gets a flavour enhancement from the addition of ginger roots. This juice is the perfect healthy alternative to lemonade. 


16. Cranberry Kiss at BYLI, Kalyan Nagar

The cranberry kiss is a combination of delicious cranberry juice with added flavours of mint and lime making it for a refreshing and elegant variation. 


17. Evil Princess at The Yellow Chilli, Church Street

The Yellow Chilli serves up a wicked combination of grenadine, grape juice, apple juice and lemon juice making for flavours from out of this world. 


18. Fresh Anjeer Milkshake at Bombaysthan, Frazer Town

This figs milk shake is a delicious and healthy variation served up with creamy goodness at Bombaysthan


19. ABC Juice at Lassi Shop, Koramangala

The ABC juice checks off the alphabetical list of nutrients in your book with a delicious combination of apple, beetroot and carrot. 


20. Cucumber Mint Mix at Mamagoto, Indiranagar

This refreshing drink contains a blend of everything that you consider healthy, cucumber, grounded mint leaves and black salt with the fizzy option of soda and lemonade.