196° Below Dessert Lab : Magical Dessert creations

Life is short. Eat dessert first. This saying is so true. We think that one should eat dessert first, second and last all the time but that is just us being silly and greedy (not guilty!)
For all you people out there who are just as crazy about desserts as we are, you must visit this dessert lab that specialises in creating unique dessert creations

Minus 196°Celsius

is the temperature at which Liquid Nitrogen boils. All that means is that it is an extremely cold and that it can freeze any food solid within minutes. The advantages of freezing food this quickly is that the liquid nitro and in the case of ice creams, you get a much creamier and smoother texture. Nitrogen Ice Cream. We think it should be called Nice Cream.
We will not bore you with more facts that are scientific. All you need to know is that watching the process in which these desserts are made is magical and that the end products are delicious!
The dessert lab is open to the customers who wish to join the Dessert Technicians and watch the process. They make all the ice cream bases from scratch using only the best quality ingredients and all their options a vegetarian and vegan friendly. They have already pre-set combination for sundaes on their menu but the best part is that they allow you to join in the creations and encourage you to make the wackiest combos of flavours that you can think of.
Watch while the ingredients go into the mixer and then as the magic happens with liquid nitrogen. While making your own dessert monster, you have to first choose a base and an ice cream flavour. This come in a large array of flavours and ice cream types. Then come in the throw ins, top ups and an added syringe for that last flourish and flavour.
196° Below Dessert Lab : Magical Dessert creations

Nitrogen Nice creams

Some of the sundaes that they have on the list that are must tries are the:
Cherry Garcia – Cherry flavoured ice cream with Chocolate fudge chunks and Cherries thrown in and topped with Amarena Cherry sauce
196° Below Dessert Lab : Magical Dessert creations
Rocky Road – Chocolate Ice cream with Nuts, Jelly and Chocolate fudge chunks thrown in, topped with Chocolate fudge sauce
196° Below Dessert Lab : Magical Dessert creations
Death by chocolate –Vanilla ice cream with Brownie thrown in, Bottomed with Hot Chocolate fudge sauce, Topped with Cherries and Roasted nuts
196° Below Dessert Lab : Magical Dessert creations

The Menu also includes Thick Shakes, Waffles and even Dessert Pizzas and wait for it, Dessert Chaat! (Pani Puris dipped in fudge sauce with different fillings)
196° Below Dessert Lab : Magical Dessert creations 196° Below Dessert Lab : Magical Dessert creations196° Below Dessert Lab : Magical Dessert creations

196 Degrees Below is at 14, Ananda Rd, Alwarpet, Chennai, Ph.:044 4514 5433 Where you can also find the Soul Garden BistroClick the link to see the delights offered there.