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18 Nutella Recipes For The Nutella Maniac


Imagine what the world would’ve been like without Nutella. No. We can’t. It’s one of the best inventions ever and we can’t imagine how we’d live without it. It’s comfort food that we can eat straight out of the jar, it’s lunch when we’re too lazy to make an actual sandwich, and it’s our number one dessert. 

This list has a bunch of recipes for things you can make with Nutella. So, Nutella fans, you’ll love us for this one.

1. 5 Minute Nutella Mug Cake

What’s not to love about a recipe that only takes 5 minutes?


2. Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies

A simple choco-chip cookie recipe with a Nutella twist! Try it now!


3. Nutella Banana Crepe

Delicious crepes that you can enjoy for breakfast with the family!


4. Nutella Braided Bread

Here’s a tear-and-share bread recipe that’s very simple to make!


5. 3 Ingredient Nutella Brownies

We don’t need to tell you how simple this is. With only 3 ingredients, you can make these brownies any time and all the time!


6. Nutella Cheesecake

Because regular cheesecake was just too normal, we decided to take things over the top and give you this Nutella cheesecake recipe!


7. Nutella Hot Chocolate

Probably the best hot chocolate recipe ever!


8. Nutella French Toast Rolls

This recipe works as an awesome breakfast treat but can also be served as dessert. You choose!


9. Nutella Popsicle

This delicious and creamy Nutella popsicle recipe is about to make your summer 100 times better!


10. Nutella Fudge

You need to know how to make Nutella fudge for those days when you want dessert but are lazy at the same time. Yes, because it’s that simple.


11. Nutella Mousse

Super easy, delicious, and requires only a few ingredients. Yay!


12. Nutella Soufflé

Get fancy and make this ultimate Nutella soufflé for your next party!


13. Nutella Fudge Cupcakes

If you like cupcakes and Nutella, you’ll love these! Remember to make many because when you start eating them, you might not stop with just one!


14. Nutella Pizza

Yes, there IS such a thing as Nutella pizza! You’ll be surprised at how simple it is to make!


15. Nutella Semifreddo

Semifreddo (meaning semi-frozen) is an Italian take on ice cream. This recipe shows you how to make the best Nutella semifreddo ever!


16. Nutella Swiss Roll

An amazing recipe for Swiss rolls filled with Nutella! Yummy!


17. Nutella Truffles

Here’s a simple recipe for Nutella truffles that anyone can try! You might want to make a lot of these and store them because they’re super addictive.


18. Nutella Tartlets

So simple and so delicious, this will be your new go-to recipe for dessert on a busy day!