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18 Food Phobias That Will Have Your Gears Grinding


Food is so good. When you’re down, a chocolate mousse will lift you up. When you’re happy, you celebrate with fancy food like sushi. When you’re out with friends you snack on fries and burgers. I mean, food is always there for you. The one constant in all our lives! That’s what you’d think. We discovered 18 food phobias that people have and these are totally legit. Read on to know what they are. Some of them sound super funny but phobias can be very challenging to deal with, so be a little considerate if you know someone who’s phobic.

1. Deipnophobia: A fear of dinner or large meals or dinner parties


No dinner parties for these folks

2. Turophobia: Fear of cheese


I love cheese and I really can’t bear the pain of this happening to anybody.

3. Acerophobia: Fear of sourness


Remember the viral video with babies tasting their first lemon? Replace the surprise with terror and it’s not funny anymore.

4. Alektorophobia: Fear of chicken


Would you prefer, beef or lamb? Maybe seafood?

5. Mycophobia: Fear or aversion to mushrooms


“Mushrooms are not vegetarian nor meat. They’re fungi.” So, no mushrooms on your pizza?

6. Alliumphobia: Fear of garlic


If we had a Vampire attack? And not the Edward Cullen kind!

7. Arachibutyrophobia: Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth


I just feel bad right now.

8. Carnophobia: Fear of meat


There are people who are vegetarian by choice and then there are people who have carnophobia. Stop with the vegetarian stereotypes now!

9. Ichthyophobia: Fear of fish


There’s something fishy about this, no?

10. Lachanophobia: Fear of vegetables


I guess the meat eaters come back of “We aren’t depleting sources of oxygen” stems from here?

11. Frigophobia: Fear of cold things


All these ice creams for me? Aren’t you super!

12. Thermophobia: Fear of hot things


And we will have a blast eating all these ice creams!

13. Methyphobia: Fear of alcohol


It’s true too much alcohol can make you do stupid things, but some people are genuinely afraid of it. So next time someone declines alcohol you might want to be a little considerate instead of condescending!

14. Oenophobia: Fear of wine


There some who would rather come home to food than a glass of wine, I suppose.

15. Cibophobia (Sitophobia): Fear of food/eating


This one is slightly scary. Where do you get your nutrition from? Because gazpacho and fruit juices can get super dull.

16. Consecotaleophobia: Fear of chopsticks


I understand that it’s a tricky thing to manoeuvre and maybe I can try to understand why it is something to fear too.

17. Geumophobia: Fear of taste


This is tricky. Even bland is a taste, right?

18. Phagophobia: Fear of swallowing


This is downright confusing and scary for me to even try to imagine people who have this phobia. Not swallowing means zero nutrition. I really hope we have solutions for people with this fear.