16 Food Commercials That Are Too Amazing To Go Unnoticed

A lot goes into marketing a product, and even more goes into creating print advertisements for marketing. We’ve seen ads that urge us to buy the product by simply telling us the the pros, presenting a beautiful (read, photoshopped) image of the merchandise or by presenting an image of some famous celeb eating or drinking the item. Bu these brands went a step ahead to create advertisements that are downright brilliant with dashes of humor. Check out these 16 food commercials that took advertising to a whole new creative level!



We wonder what the other can contains!8


Kaya King Jumbo Peanuts

You know the peanuts are jumbo when they use an elephant for scale!23-creatively-ironic-ads-12


Pepsi Light

Gravity doesn’t apply to air, does it?23-creatively-ironic-ads-18


Coca Cola Light Lemon

Such a satisfying lemon peel.Coca-Cola-Light


La Hacienda

With food so spicy that you’ll need chilled toilet paper. If you know what they mean!enhanced-buzz-wide-541-1361998382-4


Thai Food Express

Our friend Ronald finally tried something new!enhanced-buzz-wide-2023-1361998633-6


Heinz Hot Ketchup

So that’s why dragons breathe out fire!enhanced-buzz-wide-2046-1361998842-6


Wasabi Boules

Taking hot and spicy to eye-popping levels.enhanced-buzz-wide-2674-1361998760-9


Anchomar Spicy Sardine

Yes, that is a pelican passing gas.enhanced-buzz-wide-7219-1361998561-3


Pringles Hot & Spicy

Be the hot air to your balloon!enhanced-buzz-wide-9299-1361998554-12


Heinz Hot & Spicy

The fiery ketchup sets fire yet again!enhanced-buzz-wide-10142-1361998665-12


Findus Fraich Frites (French Fries)

Finally an end to the annoying cheek pulling! We love our grannies though.Findus-Fraich-Frites


Pepsi Twist

Not so subtle about the twist, are they?pepsi-twist-advert


Burger King

Because monsters get midnight munchies too!Freddy


McCormick Mustard Sauce

With a sauce so fancy, your roast is going to feel like a supermodel.Roast-Chicken-Funny-Ad1



Who doesn’t love free wi-fry!Wi-Fries