16 Cheeky Cheeses You Should Know

Oh Cheese-us! So many Cheeses!

Once upon a time someone, somewhere decided to risk eating the mold on cheese and found out that it was not harmful at all. ‘What cannot kill will only make you stronger,’ that somebody must have also come up with this phrase, or not. But we know that low fat or reduced fat cheese in limited quantities is recommended for its rich source of calcium. But, boy, healthy or not, are we glad that this person brought cheese to the world. I can’t begin to imagine what humans would do without this dairy product (oh alright, I don’t know what I would do without cheese). Seriously, bread and cheese? No? Okay, pizzas, burgers, pasta, wine, I could go on and you’d agree that a little bit of cheese makes food a little better! But there are different kinds of cheese around the world. We list out the common and the most expensive cheeses for you. Do tell us how many of these you knew about in the comments below!

1. Feta


Country of Origin: Greece

Milk: Sheep and Goat

Flavour: Tangy and Moist

Texture: Can range from completely crumbly to moist and creamy

2. Mozzarella


Coutry of origin: Italy

Milk: Cow or Buffalo

Flavour: Mild creamy

Texture: Stringy, supple and springy

3. Gouda


Coutry of origin: Netherlands

Milk: Cow

Flavour: can vary from mild, creamy, deep

Texture: hard, crumbly and long aged gouda can be crunchy

4. Cheddar


Coutry of origin: England

Milk: Cow

Flavour: Deep, tangy and nutty

Texture: Dry and crumbly

5. Parmigiano – Reggiano


Coutry of origin: Italy

Milk: Cow

Flavour: fruity, nutty, savoury, sharp

Texture: dense and grainy

6. Swiss


Coutry of origin: United States

Milk: Cow

Flavour: Nutty, sweet

Texture: Firm

7. Ricotta

 sliced ricotta cheese

Coutry of origin: Italy

Milk: Cow, goat, Italian water buffalo

Flavour: Slightly sweet

Texture: Fresh-soft to aged semi-soft

8. Camembert


Coutry of origin: France

Milk: Cow

Flavour: buttery, creamy, milky, sweet

Texture: chalky, runny, smooth, soft, soft-ripened and supple

9. Brie


Coutry of origin: France

Milk: Cow

Flavour: fruity, mild, nutty, tangy

Texture: buttery, runny and soft-ripened

10. Roquefort


Coutry of origin: France

Milk: Sheep

Flavour: salty, sharp, tangy

Texture: creamy and crumbly

11. Emmental


Coutry of origin: Switzerland

Milk: Cow

Flavour: fruity

Texture: hard

12. Chèvre


Coutry of origin: France

Milk: Goat

Flavour: earthy, tangy, tart

Texture: firm and soft

13. Manchego


Coutry of origin: Spain

Milk: Sheep

Flavour: fruity, nutty, sweet, tangy

Texture: firm and supple


Those were the cheese everybody would have heard of at least once. The next three cheeses are the most expensive cheeses in the world.

14. Moose Cheese


The cheese is made from the milk of three moose that were adopted by the Johansson family in Sweden. One pound of the cheese costs US $500 and you will have to visit Bjurholm, Sweden to know what it tastes like.

15. Caciocavallo Podolico


The name when literally translated means “horse cheese”. No it is not made from the milk of a horse, thank your stars, the name comes from the method of preparation. The cheese, made from cow’s milk, used to be cured on a horse’s back while being transported. They were obviously saving time. The cheese has a distinctive pear shape with a shiny rind and sells for a whopping US $ 650 per pound.

16. Pule (Doneky cheese)


This Serbian cheese is made from donkey’s milk. Not just any donkey though, the Balkan donkeys are from a Zasavica Donkey Reserve. This cheese is stinky but white and crumbly and extremely rare which is why they are sold for US $ 700 per pound.