16 Breakfast Places in Bangalore to keep the Cornflakes away

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. Why? Because your body has just been fasting the entire night and you need to Break Your Fast, get it? Also because it’s the first meal of the day to revitalize and energize you for the whole day. Oh, and it’s one of most tastiest meals of the day. Need we go on? 

We at HungryForever love Cornflakes and bread and eggs, but we don’t want you to limit your options. With Bangalore you have unlimited options but these 16 breakfast spots in Bangalore will make you wish for Breakfast all day!

1. The Egg Factory 

It’s an egg-cellent choice for an egg-licious breakfast. Eggs are the breakfast of champions after all. 

Egg Factory

HF Must-try: Kuthu Paratha & Menage a trois 

2. The Hole in the Wall Cafe 

A cute little slightly big hole in the wall that caters to our dream of all day breakfast. They specialize in providing you healthy and wholesome or greasy and delicious fare. Depends on what you order of course. Read our feature here

hole in the wall

HF Must-Try: The All English Breakfast 

3. 154 Breakfast Club

Well, it has breakfast in its name so it is obviously excellent. Eat like a king at this classy restaurant in Koramangala. 

154 breakfast club

HF Must-Try: Meet Your Maker 

4. Indian Coffee House 

Need we say anything about this legendary restaurant that opened before Internet was conceived. Started way back in  1936, Indian Coffee House has been serving up delicious scrambled eggs, kheema parathas and of course, coffee.

indian coffee house

HF Must-Try: Kheema Paratha 

5. Yogistaan Cafe

An all natural spread at this cafe that is located on top of a yoga studio. Yes, get bendy and healthy with their delicious smoothies. 


HF Must-Try: The Yogis Breakfast 

6. Church Street Social 

Drink at Church Street and be back the next day for their unbelievable breakfasts that will guarantee to make you forget how dehydrated you feel. You even get a discount if you were there the previous night.

Church Street Social

HF Must-Try: Last night @ Social Hangover Breakfast 

7. Koshy’s 

You cannot call yourself a true Bangalorean if you haven’t been to Koshy’s at least once for breakfast. Try any of their breakfast items. It’s to die for. 


HF Must-Try: Mutton Cutlet 

8. Brekkie 

A delivery service that solely focuses on providing wholesome and healthy breakfasts. For those of you are pressed for time and need a quickie breakfast, Brekkie is for you. Read our feature here!

Breakfast delivered to your door!

HF Must-Try: The menu changes every day 

9. Carrots 

This vegan restaurant is all about the health. For a guilt-free delicious breakfast, go no further than Carrots.


HF Must-Try: Pesto Grilled Sandwich 

10. Dyu Art Cafe 

Escape from the city hustle and bustle at this serene cafe with an ambience that will sooth your senses. A must-visit for anyone who would like to take a break with breakfast. Read about our trip to Dyu Art Cafe here

DYU Art Cafe

HF Must-Try: Tuna Salad Sandwich 

11. Creme and Crust 

They have an extensive breakfast menu which is designed to excite your taste buds. Go on, you won’t be disappointed. 

Creme and Crust

HF Must-Try: Classic Pancakes 

12. BYLI – Bet You Love It

Yes, we love it and we bet you will love it too! We had a lovely time falling in love at BYLI, why don’t you read about it? 

We Bet You Will Love It

HF Must-Try: Big BYLI Breakfast 

13. Brahmin’s Coffee Bar

Love Idli’s and Vadas? Brahmin’s has some of the best in the city. 

brahmins coffee bar

HF Must-Try: Vada 

14. Indian Paratha Company

This is a bit of a drive. It’s at Devanahalli but if we can drive all the way just for their hot-off-the-tava parathas, then you can too. Make a trip out of it, it’s worth it. They even have a parathzza – a pizza on a paratha. Reason enough?


HF Must-Try: Soya Kheema Parathzza

15. Green Theory 

Veggies flock to this fantastic joint for their selection of healthy pastas and sandwiches. You need to taste it to believe it. 

green theory

HF Must-Try: Pasta Alfredo with Sun-Dried Tomatoes 

16. MTR (Mavali Tiffin Room) 

MTR offers some delectable South Indian breakfast. The aroma of dosas as soon as you walk in is enough to get you hooked. 


HF Must-Try: Masala Dosa