15 Times The Amul Girl Was Adorably On Point With The Celebrity Jibes


Amul and its creative team have always been on top of their current affairs game with their quirky and tongue-in-cheek print ads that are loaded with dollops of humour and pun. And despite some mean and truly savage (yet harmless) burns he doe-eyed utterly butterly girl has become one of India’s most loved pop and ad icons. Admit it, you too have secretly admired the genius topical digs! So what say we take a look at 15 of Amul’s most adorably savage – and on point – print ads? Take a look!


  1. On Bollywood singers Sonu Nigam and Abhijeet Bhattacharya’s issues with Twitter’s biased atmosphere.


  1. Referring to the most hush-hush BFFs of the 21st century!



  1. Referring to the Aam Aadmi Party’s electoral woes.


  1. On Ram Gopal Varma’s aspirations about making Bruce Lee’s biopic.


  1. While the world confused the new French Prez with macarons, Amul had a different food in mind!


  1. Throwing some shade at Justin Bieber’s long list of requests ahead of his Purpose Tour held in Mumbai earlier this month.


  1. In reference to Priyanka Chopra’s videshi fashion statement at the Met Gala.


  1. Yet another one (kinda) related to Bieber’s tour. You know, the one where Sonakshi Sinha almost opened the concert.


  1. A little “welcome back” message for the Indian skipper ahead of the IPL.


  1. The one where the VIPs weren’t VIPs anymore.


  1. Remember that time Sonu Nigam shaved his head to challenge a fatwa against him?


  1. With thousands of crores lost in his kitty, how can Mallaya not be a part of the jibe game?


  1. The Amul girl went right ahead to support Abhay Deol in his rant against India’s obsession with fairer skin.


  1. That time when Delhi’s CM Kejriwal thought it was okay to use public money for his expenses.


  1. And finally when Amul was for “eaters not cheaters” following the controversial Australian cricket tour.


Feature Image: ScoopWhoop

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