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15 Summer Smoothies for the Fruit Maniac to Dance With


Summer, we need to talk. 

We’re at work, it’s hot. We’re on the beach, it’s hot. We’re eating dinner at home, it’s hot. Power cut? You bet your silly hot face, IT’S HOT. We know about the ball of heat and all, but could you take it a little easy? No?

Bring out the big guns. Tall glasses of smoothies, piled with ice and best of all fruit. Let’s take summer down. 

We’ve got berries, coconuts, kiwis and heck, even some pomegranate. So stop looking at us like that. 

Join us on the smoothie trail. Make one every week, day or minute. And whatever you do, keep yourself from pouring it all over your face, no matter how lovely that sounds- trust us, sticky-mess-fest.

1. Melon Pomegranate Almond Smoothie

Sweet nutty goodness!

 Go nuts with this refreshing combination of melon and pomegranate. Slurp-friendly. 

2. Pomegranate Berry Smoothie

 Smooth and fruity

An energising  fruity smoothie that will pick you up instantly. Step aside coffee. 

3. Ginger Kale Green Smoothie 

Do you feel like going green?

A delicious green smoothie that will help you detox. Bring on the green! 

4. Pineapple Kiwi Smoothie 

The coolest smoothie this summer

A tropical smoothie to beat the heat. Pineapple and Kiwi are doing a little dance in a glass. 

6. Banana Strawberry Breakfast Smoothie 

Breakfast on the go!

A quick berry-licious start to the day. Wake me up when Summer ends! 

7. Cranberry Coconut Smoothie 

An instant pick me up!

A gorgeous pink vegan smoothie for those pink of health mornings! 

8. Peach Green Tea Smoothie 

Metabolism boosting goodness!

Boost your metabolism with this refreshing smoothie. Metabolism, chill, dude. 

9.  Berry Banana Blast Smoothie 

A blast of fruits!

A fruity blend of banana, strawberry and blueberries for the perfect summer smoothie.

10. Coconut Kale Smoothie 

Detox away!


Sip on this smoothie to cleanse your system and take down summer with the power of green. 

11. Chocolate Orange Smoothie 

Green just got tastier!

A delicious smoothie with the goodness of greens, coco and citrus. Cocoa Rush!

12. Peach Mango Smoothie 

Delicious, refreshing and healthy!

This summer make yourself a refreshing healthy smoothie with juicy mangoes and sweet peaches. Mango Madness mode activated. 

13. Pina Colada Smoothie 

Summer heat? Not a problem!

A fresh and delicious smoothie that will have you smiling a coconut smile at the first sip. 

14. Mango Ginger Smoothie 

Mango Ginger Smoothie Recipe

Mango-licious smoothie for the summer- is the understatement of the year. Sorry, but we share an unhealthy obsession with mangoes. 

15. Vegan Cherry Smoothie 

Cherry Cherry!


We love cherries and this smoothie is just so happy and fruity, you need to try it to know how it feels.