15 Pulao Recipes We Are Drooling Over


A major chunk of the world’s population would rather pair their main dish with rice instead of bread. Of course by “major chunk” I am referring to Asia because rice is “BAE” on this side of the hemisphere. Whether it’s in the form of fried rice, sticky rice, simple steamed rice, biryani, or pulao, we love our rice and there are no two ways about that. And with this amount of love stems the need and desire to create variants of the existing recipes. One such delicious variation is pulao.

Lightly tossed in ghee and aromatic spice and/or veggies, the rice dish makes for an excellent preparation for when you want way more out of the grain. Here are 15 of our favorite pulao recipes that we just can’t get enough of!


  1. Zarda Pulao


  1. Yakhni Pulao



  1. Chana Dal Pulao



  1. Tawa Pulao

Tawa Pulao


  1. Paneer Pulao



  1. Fish Pulao



  1. Soya Chunks Pulao



  1. Shahi Pulao



  1. Prawns Pulao

Prawns Pulao Recipe


  1. Mixed Vegetable Pulao



  1. Mushroom Pulao



  1. Egg Pulao



  1. Kabuli Pulao


  1. Tiranga Pulao


  1. Carrot & Peas Pulao

Carrot and Peas Pulao Recipe

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