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15 Burgers in Chennai that will Get Your Burger Dance Going


B-U-R-G-E-R. Now you’re smiling. 

Paint this picture for me. A steaming hot Burger arrives at your table. The perfect fries sit next to it. Your drink, alcoholic or not is lounging about next to that. And as you hold all beauty that’s a burger with both your hands and take the first bite of the patty, veggies, cheese, sauce and that sesame bun, music plays inside. You put the burger down and chomp your way to heaven. The fries are waiting. So you grab a couple. The drink is sulking, so you slurp on it. And then you dance. Whether you dance on the outside or not, you dance. Yes, people, welcome to the Burger-gasm. 

Head to one of these glorious burger joints- we’re worried that your last burger wasn’t in the last hour. This list is in no particular order- because we NEVER JUDGE A BURGER. 

Hard Rock Cafe

Where:Phoenix Mall

What: Beef Burger 

Sandy’s Chocolate Laboratory 

Where: Nungambakkam and Ganapathy Colony 

What: Beef Burger 


Where: Cathedral road and Phoenix Mall 

What: Chicken Breast Fillet 

BlackSmith Grills 

Where: Boag road 

What:  Beef Burger, Blue Cheese Burger 

Jonah’s Bistro 

Where: Besant Nagar and Phoenix Mall 

What: Rosemary Chicken Burger 

Pantry D’or 

Where: Anna Nagar 

What: Chicken Burger 


Where: Anna Nagar 

What: Beef Sloppy Joe

New Town Cafe

Where: TTK road and ECR

What: Tenderloin Burger 


Where: Thiruvanmiyur 

What: Chicken Blast

Brickhouse Bistro 

Where: Anna Nagar 

What: Double Stacked Beef Burger 


Where: Besant Nagar 

What: Chicken Steak Burger 

QT Grills 

Where: Adyar

What: By da Beef Maan

Pupil Burgers 

Where: Besant Nagar 

What: Beef Burger


Where: Mylapore

What: Veg Burger  

Tovo Infusions 

Where: Cathedral road

What: Gourmet Chicken Bun