15 Best Ever Indian Sandwich Recipes



These are effectively very posh burgers. You take a rare beef tenderloin, add homemade relish and mustard mayonnaise, and sandwich it between two pieces of toasted ciabatta. Heaven! It’s very important to start the beef on the stovetop because meat that goes straight in the oven looks boiled rather than beautifully caramelized.

2.Cream Cheese Sandwiches Recipe

Cream Cheese Sandwiches are simple and delicious. I added some crunchy cucumber, bell pepper and some mild spices. These sandwiches are light and refreshing – the perfect afternoon snack. Try these sandwiches for your kids’ lunch box. This super simple sandwich is a hit with almost everyone.

3.Bombay Veg Sandwich Recipe

A popular Mumbai street munchie.

4.Mint Paneer Sandwich Recipe

A delicious sandwich recipe

5.Veg Masala Toast Sandwich Recipe

This vegetarian masala toast sandwich hails from the busy streets of Bombay – that’s what the city was called in this sandwich and it’s own zeniths. Locally known as the Bombay Masala Toast, the sandwich consists of a generously spiced potato mix and tangy chutneys stacked between bread slices toasted to perfection.

6.Spicy Sprouts Sandwich Recipe

Unlike mundane sandwiches, crispy grilled sandwiches filled with spicy sprouts and cheese are simply irresistible.

7.Aloo Sandwich Recipe

Potato Sandwiches give a different dimension to grilled cheese sandwich. They are delicious and add an Indian taste to standard grilled cheese.

8.Cheesy Onion Grilled Sandwich Recipe

A filling of sautéed vegetables flavoured with tomato, chilli sauce and cheese the sumptuous cheesy onion grilled sandwich is an ideal breakfast offering.


A simple variation on the beef burger, with mozzarella instead of Swiss cheese and a tomato, onion, and cilantro salsa as a fresher take on ketchup.

10.Crab Salad Sandwich Recipe

Crab sandwiches are delicate, so we prefer thin brioche toast with just crab, soft lettuce, a bit of creme fraiche, and some avocado.

11.Mushroom Sandwich Recipe

The Grilled Mushrooms Sandwich recipe is a simple and quick recipe that can be made for a breakfast, a brunch or supper or even packed for a school lunch box.

12.Chicken Mayo Sandwich Recipe

This sandwich is healthy, really easy to make and perfect for kids. It has a mayonaise based and taste amazing when served cold or at room temp.

13.Bread Omelette Sandwich Recipe

A quick kids breakfast recipe made with bread and omelette and can be served with ketchup…

14.Veg Cheese Sandwich Recipe

A well-made sandwich doesn’t go a long way. Why? Well because we tend to gobble it up the moment it exits the kitchen! Isn’t it wonderful to bite on a perfectly stacked combination of veggies, cheese and bread? That crunch of greens, the oozing cheese and the deliciously aromatic toasted bread.

15.Kheema Sandwich Recipe

Made by stuffing mincemeat between slices of buttered bread, kheema sandwiches are a delicious treat that can be had as a snack or breakfast. They’re great while travelling!